Black Coffee denies harassing estranged wife Mbali Enhle

Black coffee denies Mbali Enhle allegations
Black coffee denies Mbali Enhle allegations

Black Coffee has denied harassing his estranged wife Mbali Enhle

Black Coffee who is a South African DJ has denied harassing his estranged wife Mbali after she had spoken out against him saying she was harassed by Black Coffee and the media.

Mbali released Instagram videos in which she was claiming to have evidence that proves she was harassed by Black Coffee.

“Hello everyone I have decided to make this video because I have been silent, I have been harrassed, I have been intimidated for the longest of time,” she said introducing her live instaVideo.

“This man lied in the court of law, saying he went under my arm, as tall as he is, knowing very well that he hit me, twice, he struck my hand and pushed me into our marital property. I dont feel safe as he also psychologically messes up with my children, which is why I had to stand up and fight for myself,” she proceeded.

Mbali Enhle also said DJ Black Coffee calls her children so they stop their mother, Mbali from court proceedings, so Mbali said she is breaking her silence and she is going to talk. She said she is going to spare absolutely nothing to expose the ruthlessness of DJ Black Coffee.

“We are always saying we are trying to build a black nation, and that’s what I was trying to do, I did not want to be that woman who break a man who so many loved and that man is breaking me down and I say enough,” she said raising her voice.

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“Today, is the last day I am silenced by an cause but my own and that is GBV!” She went further to address the media house saying, “I will be doing a press conference, in that conference I will bring evidence, I will bring text messages (and) I will bring absolutely everything that was lied about,” she said.

But black Coffee denied all these allegations made by Mbali.

In a recent tweet Black Coffee said,
“In April I tweeted that I did not, and would not assault Mbali. I did this to set the record straight in order to correct the narrative that is out there.I thereafter chose to remain silent about issue as I had faith and trust in the judicial system.
Following the proceedings, the Court has ruled in my favour. The interim Protection order was set aside and her case dismissed.
Thank you all who stood by my side.”