Kaylin Soobraminian biography – he is Thusheleni from Imbewu

Kaylin Soobraminia biography - he is Thusheleni from Imbewu

Kaylin Soobraminian biography – he is Thusheleni from Imbewu

Kaylin Soobraminian biography. He is well known for his character on Imbewu the Seed as Thusheleni.

Biography profile

Name: Kaylin Soobraminian
Date of birth: 17 September 2000
Age: 21 years old
Occupation: Actor
Known as: Thusheleni from Imbewu
From: Inanda or eNanda KZN
Live in: Durban KZN

Background and education

Kaylin Soobraminian is a South African actor well known as Thusheleni on Imbewu the Seed which plays on etv. He was born on 17 September 2000. The Imbewu star was born in (predominantly Indian) Phoenix in Kwazulu Natal but was raised in a small town of Inanda. His family was poor, his grandmother couldn’t afford to pay rates so they moved to Inanda where rent was much cheaper.

Kaylin was barely a year old when he settled in an RDP house in the township with his unemployed mother, Vevina (37), and brother, Junior (14). Living an impoverished life, Kaylin dreamt of playing soccer to get his family out of poverty.

The young actor, Kaylin, went to Westham secondary school.

Kaylin on Speaking IsiZulu fluently

Kaylin learnt isiZulu while living in the crime infested informal settlement of Bhambayi in Inanda near Durban. Soobraminian speaks IsiZulu far better than any other language. He learnt to speak IsiZulu when he was still attending cŕeche with black children who refused friendship with him if he doesn’t speak IsiZulu.

“I used to go to a crèche with only black people,” Kaylin says. “So the other kids said if I wanted to be friends with them I should learn to speak isiZulu or else they would stop hanging out with me.”

So he did. By the time he reached primary school he was fluent.

Kaylin Soobraminia career

Kaylin’s acting career was never his dream. He always dreamt of playing soccer to take his family out of poverty. But in 2018 he met Bab Duma Ndlovu, the creator of Imbewu, who, by that time, was looking for a Zulu speaking young Indian actor and this changed his life.

When Duma Ndlovu met Kaylin, hearing his fluent Zulu, he immediately said, “this is the guy!” And Kaylin was called for auditions and he got the acting role. [1][2]

On 27 February 2018, Kaylin started his acting career on Imbewu the seed, he acts as Thusheleni on the show.


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