7 Mzansi Celebs Who Dated Zimbabweans

Time and again, love proves to know no boundaries. We have seen Americans marrying Russians, South Africans marrying Mozambiqians and now most Zimbabweans and South Africans have intermarried or dated each other. In this video we will focus on 7 Mzansi Celebs Who Dated Zimbabweans .

Number 1 is Khanyi Mbau & Kudzi Mushonga

SA Celebs who dated Zimbabweans
Image of Khanyi and Kudzi

Khanyi Mbau, an actress and social media influencer is dating Kudzai Mushonga, a Zimbabwean businessman. The two met in 2016 at a campaign meeting and started dating in 2019. In mid 2023 the two were allegedly reported to have splitted while in Dubai but after a month it was reported that they are back together. [1]

Number 2 is Nota Baloyi & Berita Khumalo

SA Celebs who dated Zimbabweans
Image of Nota and Berita

The South African music icon and rapper Nota Baloyi was married to Berita Khumalo, a Zimbabwean singer. The two got married in 2020 during lockdown in a small wedding ceremony. In 2022 the couple separated with Berita accusing Nota of abuse and of being toxic. But three months after those accusations, the two were back together again.

Number 3 is Tino Chinyani & Simphiwe Ngema

SA Celebs who dated Zimbabweans
Image of Tino,Simphiwe and their son

Tino Chinyani, a Zimbabwean model dated Simphiwe Ngema and later on got married to each other. Like any other typical celebrity couple, the two announced that they had separated but later got back together. The couple is still together until today. Recently Tino celebrated Simphiwe Ngema’s birthday with a heartfelt message on social media.

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Number 4 is Letoya Makhene & Privilege Mangezi

The South African actress Latoya Makhene once got married to a Zimbabwean man “Privilege Mangezi”. The marriage was blessed with three beautiful children, but it all ended in tears. According to Latoya, her husband was toxic and brought no income in the house. After divorcing him, Latoya came out as lesbian and is now married to her gay partner Lebo Makhene. [2]

Number 5 is AKA & Nadia Nakai

SA Celebs who dated Zimbabweans
Image of AKA and Nadia Nakai

The Zimbabwean South African rapper and artist Nadia Nakai dated the South African musician AKA the rapper until his death. Nadia made the first move on AKA in his DMs and the two began dating. Their beautiful love story was shuttered when AKA was shot and killed in Durban in 2023. Nevertheless, their relationship was an inspiration to many who were in relationships with foreigners.

Number 6 is Inno Morolong & Tapiwa Munyuki

South African slay queen Inno Morong is in a relationship with a Zimbabwean self proclaimed prophet Tapiwa Munyuki. The couple once separated because Inno accused Tapiwa of being a slacker and a fake prophet who couldn’t afford basics in his life. But six months later, Nehanda radio reported that the couple were back together and calling each other lovey dovey.

Number 7 is Gugulethu Zuma & Welshman Ncube

SA Celebs who dated Zimbabweans
Image of Gugulethu and Wesley Ncube

The daughter to former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma and an Actress, Gugulethu Zuma, is married to a Zimbabwean mathematician Wesley Ncube who is also a son to a Zimbabwean politician Prof Welshman Ncube. The two got married in December 2008 in Pretoria, South Africa. The couple first met at the University of Cape Town before engaging and later getting married to each other. [3]