7 Amapiano Artists Who Lost their Fortune  

Climbing a ladder is tough and takes time, but falling back to the ground is easy, that’s what happens with most people who managed to be rich but lost it all in a blink of an eye. In this video we look at 7 Amapiano Artists Who Lost Their Fortune.

Number 1 is Sir Trill

7 Amapiano Artists Who Lost their Fortune  
Image of Sir Trill

The Amapiano Artist Sir Trill revealed in February of 2023 that he was exploited by other artists. He made so many hits but he has never seen a cent. His manager, Given Maseko, told Daily Sun that Sir Trill had been complaining about not getting his royalties. This has made him broke counting how much he would have made if he was paid what’s due to his work. [1]

Number 2 is Samething Soweto

7 Amapiano Artists Who Lost their Fortune  
Image of Samthing Soweto

The South African musician and Amapiano Artist Samething Soweto used to bling in fortune he made during his career. The star was brought to the limelight by DJ Maporisa but he dropped him off his collaborating list when Samething Soweto became arrogant to him. So, Samething Soweto became broke because there were no more gigs for him. According to reports he relocated back to his parents’ home after losing his fortune.

The third Artist is Mlindo the Vocalist

7 Amapiano Artists Who Lost their Fortune  
Image of mlindo the Vocalist

Lindokuhle Mgedeza an Amapiano Artist Who is professionally known as Mlindo the vocalist became broke after being released by DJ Maporisa from his inner circle. He tried to work alone but this amounted to nothing because he collaborated with people who destroyed his career. He is now broke and has moved back to his parents’ home in rural areas according to recent reports. [2]

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The fourth on our list is TP Zee

7 Amapiano Artists Who Lost their Fortune  
Image of TPZee

It has been recently reported that TP Zee has fallen hard on finances by other publishers like Briefly. Him and his group had a five-year contract with Sony Music, but their salaries have dwindled since November 2021. The group tried to start a car wash to supplement their income but their car wash failed, so TP Zee was kicked out of Bramley and has moved back to Soweto.

Number 5 is Tshigubu hitmaker

The lady who sang on Tshigubu song with DJ Ganyani revealed on MacG’s podcast that she is living in a shack or tin house. She claimed that she has lost everything she worked for and life has been tough. She claims she wrote a song Tshigubu released by DJ Ganyani and she never received her royalties.

Number 6 is Babes Wodumo

7 Amapiano Artists Who Lost their Fortune  
Image of babes Wodumo

According to reports Babes Wodumo has been experiencing financial difficulties since the death of her husband last year in December. According to insiders, Babes Wodumo permitted her relatives to reside with her in the home she and Shimora once shared to decrease expenses and conserve money since she is purportedly the main provider. Her sister could not divulge a lot of information about her difficulties claiming everyone has debts and Babes will address the public when she is ready. [3]

Number 7 is Doctor Malinga

7 Amapiano Artists Who Lost their Fortune  
Image of Malinga

In 2022 Dr Malinka went viral for losing his fortune which had been repossessed by SARS. Most celebrities came to his aid to assist him. Dr Malinga recently expressed gratitude to his fans and popular artists such as Black Coffee, Busiswah, Oskido, and Biphakathi for all the support received in the past few days.


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