10 Uzalo Actors Who Divorced or Splitted in real life

While marriages in South Africa decreased, divorces increased by 13,1% since 2020. 18 208 divorces were granted in 2021. Some of these divorces include those of famous people like actors, actresses, sports men and musicians. In this video we will look at 10 Uzalo Actors Who Divorced or Splitted in real life.

Number 1 is Baby Cele and Thabo Maloka

10 Uzalo Actors Who Divorced or Splitted in real life
Baby Cele and Maloka

Uzalo actress Baby Cele was married to Thabo Maloka and everyone believed she was happy. To everyone’s surprise the actress announced that she had divorced her husband whom she was married to for three years. The two got married in 2017 and by 2021 their marriage had ended. Baby Cele have not been so luck with marriage because she married three times and none worked out. [1]

Number 2 is Zuluboy and Andiswa Gabashe

10 Uzalo Actors Who Divorced or Splitted in real life
Image of Zuluboy and Andiswa

Rapper and Uzalo actor Mxolisi Majozi, well known as Zuluboy divorced his wife Andiswa Gebashe. Zuluboy doesn’t like talking about his personal life but when it comes to divorce, he had to open up about it. Andiswa and Zuluboy were married for more than five years before they divorced. Their marriage was blessed with two children before they split. After separation, Zuluboy went to his mother’s home to mend his broken heart.

Number 3 is Khaya Dladla and Mercutio Buthelezi

10 Uzalo Actors Who Divorced or Splitted in real life
Image of Khaya and  Mercutio

We have recently reported on Khaya Dladla and Mercutio Buthelezi’s relationship that ended in tears and they fit well on this list. The Uzalo actor Khaya Dladla and Businessman Mercutio dated for while before they announced their formal engagement in 2020. They stayed together for a year and half before they called it quits. According to other reports, the separation was due to lack of time for each other as a result of Khaya getting a role on House of Zwide.

Number 4 is Simphiwe Majozi and Kekeletso Mahlelebe

10 Uzalo Actors Who Divorced or Splitted in real life
Image of Majozi and Kekeletso

Simphiwe Majozi who plays the role of Sbu in Uzalo drama series dated DA councilor Kekeletso Mahlelebe for a while before they splitted. The reason for their break up was that Simphiwe was allegedly abusing and cheating his partner. According to his ex partner Kekeletso, Simphiwe was abusive emotionally and physically and she had to cut all ties with him after moving out of his house. The couple who lived in Newlands, KwaZulu-Natal reportedly kept their relationship happy on social media even though their home life wasn’t perfect. [2]

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Number 5 is Masoja Msiza and Innocentia

Masoja Msiza was determin.ed to end the cycle of divorces that was happening in his family but life had its own plans. He was married to his wife Innocentia (whose surname is not known) but later divorced because it was the best decision for both of them. What saddened Masoja who plays Nkunzi on Uzalo was that his children don’t see him often same way he couldn’t see his father often.

Number 6 is Leleti Khumalo and Mbongeni Ngema

10 Uzalo Actors Who Divorced or Splitted in real life
Image of Leleti and Mbongeni

Leleti Khumalo who played the role of Zandile “MaNzuza” Mdletshe in Uzalo drama series got divorced to her real life husband Mbongeni Ngema. According to the Sarafina actress, Leleti Khumalo, her ex husband Mbongeni was abusive and their 14 years of marriage never brought her joy. She was not allowed to go where ever she wanted to go and as an actress, this was a hindrance to her career. One morning she woke up convinced she wanted out of her marriage because she didn’t want to be controlled.

Number 7 is Kay Sibiya and Judie Kama

10 Uzalo Actors Who Divorced or Splitted in real life
Image of Sibiya and Judie

In 2020 the local actor Kay Sibiya who is known for Imbewu the seed and Uzalo announced that he was splitting with his partner and baby mama Judie Kama. The two had been together for a while before they decided to split. Kay still had respect for Judie when they separated looking at his break up message on Instagram. Maybe the two loved each other but had differences that break up could only deal with. His part of Instagram break up message read, “After much thought and consideration Judie and I have decided to separate on amicable terms. I have much respect for her and I will always hold her in high esteem and regard.” [3]

Number 8 is Thembi Nyandeni and Ex husband

Thembi Nyandeni who is known for playing in Uzalo and Isibaya was once married but later got divorced. We don’t know the reasons behind her separation with her husband because the actress keeps her private life under cover. Her previous marriage produced her son who is now above 36 years of age. We couldn’t find the name of her husband because she has kept this information private.

Number 9 is Siyabonga Radebe and Lerato Mvelase

10 Uzalo Actors Who Divorced or Splitted in real life
Image of Lerato mvelase and Siyabonga

Siyabonga Radebe dated Lerato Mvelase for while before they broke up. The actor admitted that he was the problem in their relationship, a problem that led to the end of their relationship. When they broke up, Siyabonga came forward to express his regret for hurting and mistreating her ex girlfriend Lerato. He apologized for breaking her heart and disappointing her and her family.

Number 10 is TK Dlamini and Jessica Nkosi

10 Uzalo Actors Who Divorced or Splitted in real life
Image of TK and Jessica

TK Dlamini who played Master Mind on Uzalo and the Isibaya actress Jessica Nkosi were together for a while and announced their relationship to the public when they had their first baby in October 2018. In September 2019, Jessica Nkosi announced that they’re breaking up alleging that TK had been unfaithful. Hours after announcing their break up via Instagram stories, Jessica deleted her stories but still maintain that they broke up. After some time, the two were back together and are still together. They are now married and are expecting baby number 2 in their marriage. [4]