What Exactly happened to Zahara? 5 tragic events in her life

Zahara became the music sensation to most music lovers since 2011 after releasing a hit song Loliwe from the album Loliwe. After that she released several albums which trended and pushed Zahara’s career further winning at least 6 platinums for her several albums and other accolades, but life has also thrown stones at her in the process. She lost her sister Nomonde in 2021 in car accident, her house was nearly repossessed and her popularity was going down.


After signing a record deal with TS Records, Zahara’s debut album, Loliwe, went double platinum. Her second album, Phendula, produced three chart-topping singles “Phendula”, “Impilo”, and “Stay”. Zahara’s third album, Country Girl, was certified triple platinum. Following her departure from TS Records, she signed a record deal with Warner Music. Her fourth album, Mgodi, was her best-selling album and was certified platinum.

Her fifth album, Nqaba Yam, peaked at number 1 on iTunes. Her accolades include 17 South African Music Awards, three Metro FM Awards, and one Nigeria Entertainment Awards. Zahara was on the 2020 list of the BBC’s 100 Women. She appeared as a guest judge on the seventeenth season of Idols South Africa in 2021. All these were great highlights in her career But she did suffered a shipwreck in the process.

Number 1, She lost her sister and brother.

Image of Zahara and her late sister
Image of Zahara and her late sister

In 2021, she lost her sister Nomonde, who died in an accident on the N2 in East London. Nomonde was driving back from work when the incident happened on the evening on 5 March. She was run over by a taxi on the side of the N2 while checking a fault on her vehicle.

Nomonde who was a gospel singer made up one part of the Mkutukana trio which released their gospel album in 2016. She left behind two children and four siblings. In 2014 about eight years ago, Zahara lost her brother, Mbuyiseli Mkutukana was gunned down after being caught in a crossfire between rival gangs in nearby villages. [1] 

Number 2, Zahara lost her trophies

Early 2022, Zahara’s home was broken into and she lost some of her trophies from the South African Music Awards. She said that she lost six of her South African Music Awards when someone broke into her house in Ruimsig Roodepoort in Johannesburg. Reports claim that Zahara was away for the Easter holidays when the crime happened. [2]

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Number 3, She nearly lost her House

Zahara begging for money from netizens.
Zahara begging for money from netizens.

Due to Zahara’s popularity going down and lacking gigs, she has been struggling financially. In April 2022, it was reported that Zahara was on the verge of losing her Roodepoort townhouse after failing to make payments. Shortly after that, the singer confirmed the news stating that she is in fact struggling. Her townhouse was set to be auctioned on May 7 after defaulting on her monthly installments of R17,665. Luckily she was open about her struggles to her fans who helped her to repay the remaining amount on her house. [3]

Number 4, She became an Alcoholic

In the process of all her troubles Zahara slowly became an alcoholic. The star would respond to concerned fans telling them to focus on her music rather than her personal life. As a result the actress fell seriously ill.

Number 5, Zahara became gravely ill

Image of singer Zahara

Since she didn’t want to listen to those who gave her advice on stopping alcoholism, the singer became very ill. In December of 2019, the Afropop musician spent a bleak Christmas in hospital for a month with liver disease, which was worsened by heavy drinking. She was diagnosed with liver failure and warned by the doctors that, “if she continues drinking, she is going to die”, said her late older sister Nomonde. Her health was putting a strain on her family’s finances and her career but eventually she recovered.