The Comedic and Tragic life of Eugene Khoza

Eugine Khoza is a South African comedian and actor. Famous for his numerous stand up shows and appearing on the Daily show with Trevor Noah. And in this article we will look into his life and career.

Biography profile of Eugene Khoza

Eugene Khoza Biography
Image of South African comedian Eugene

Full name: Eugene Khoza
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Pretoria, South Africa
Education: Unknown
Height: 1.65m
Occupation: Actor and Comedian
Known for: Jozzi Streets
Net worth: Unknown
Nationality: South African

Early life of Eugene Khoza

According to Eugene. He came from a very low class family and therefore he didn’t have it easy growing up. While we don’t know exactly how he fell inlove with comedy. We do know that it’s a desire he’s always had from his early life. While he is very famous, there are few biographies about the man. So, his date of birth is unknown. However, we do know that the actor was born in Pretoria.


There’s no public information indicating that Eugene attended any university education whatsoever. However, we do know that he attended the Jafta Mahlangu High school in Pretoria. Aswell as the AB Phokompe Secondary school. After his high school. Mahlangu pursued stand up comedy at some point.

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Personal life of Eugene Khoza

While we don’t know who the comedian is dating or in a relationship with. We do know that the man lost his son and his best friend in a subsequent way. Which literally left him in darkness and he was forced to leave the stage for over 5 years. And then he reappeared and opened up about it on Khoza FM and has said it was the most freeing 3 hours of his life.[1]

Comedic approach

Eugene Khoza Biography
Image of Eugene Khoza on stage

Eugene Khoza has had it hard. However, according to him. It was his hardships that made him stand out. As he found nothing interesting or relatable about someone who has it easy. In fact during his stand up years, the comedian described his fellow comedians as rather privileged.

And that it took away from their comedy as they came to the show in Nice fancy cars and complained about their perfect life. While on the other hand, his messed up life with a problematic car and his messed up love life was more relatable to people.

Moreover, as a result of his relatable comedy. He went on to become a big shot. Touring in the United States and even featuring on The Daily show with Trevor Noah. Aswell as working with upcoming comedians like Josh. And many other things in the middle. [2]

Prominent Work

Additionally, Eugene performs across the nation at several business events, live performances, and club appearances. With Fezile Makhanya and Eugene Khoza, he co-hosted the SABC1 magazine show Countdown 2010 beginning on June 10, 2008. With the goal of educating and involving South Africans in the buildup to the 2010 Soccer World Cup, the largest sporting event ever to take place on the African continent. From March to May 2009, he co-hosted with Trevor Noah the reality series The AXE Sweet Life. He became a writer and cast member of the talk show Tonight with Trevor Noah in 2010 and made appearances in a number of segments.

The Tragic 5 year break

Eugene Khoza Biography
Image of Eugene Khoza

While people were used to hearing from him a lot. The young comedian took a break of over 5 years from performing or appearing in public. In this period, the comedian was actually going through a lot in his life. The comedian turned Podcaster was going through a dark time as he had lost his son. Then subsequent to that, losing his best friend. This sent him into a dark period in his life. Of which he describes as bringing him closer to his family. [3]

Return to the stage and the aftermath

And during this time, he avoided any public appearances whatsoever to process everything. He has described his return to the stage as a hard move. As he found a lot of things no longer being funny after his loss. And felt guilty for living his life off of making jokes at life. However, after gathering strength, he picked up the mic again and was able to find that part of him again. He has recently performed with Thenjiwe, a South African actress and Comedian.