The Ndlovu uncut: Hungani Ndlovu asks, Does size matter?

The Ndlovu Uncut is a YouTube channel of Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows-Ndlovu.

If there is one couple that is mostly celebrated on SA, it is the Ndlovu couple. In this article we are going to discuss one vlog question which the couple discussed on their YouTube Channel: The Ndlovu Uncut.

The Ndlovu uncut, what is it all about?

The Ndlovu Uncut is a YouTube channel of Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows-Ndlovu. It’s all about exploring the life of young people and relationships with the Ndlovu couple.

 On the about section of their Channel they wrote:

“Hey y’all 🙂

We are Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu, commonly known as The Ndlovu’s. We are YOUNG, MARRIED & LOVING IT!! Make sure you join The Ndlovu Gang by hitting the subscribe button, so you don’t miss our 3 weekly uploads! ;)”

The Ndlovu’s discuss different topics about life such as “What is love”, “Great way to start your week”, and other topics related to their life. The Ndlovu’s also discuss topics that encourages other young people such as “Love yourself”, “When we wanted to give up: Perseverance” and many more.

The Ndlovu unCut: Does size matter?

One of the thrilling topics once discussed was when Hungani Ndlovu asks his wife Stephanie Sandows Ndlovu this relationship related question; Does size matter?

The Vlog session began by greetings, and Hungani Ndlovu asked his wife the following questions.

Hungani Ndlovu: “The first time you met my parents, what went through your mind, before, on your way there…?”

Stephanie Ndlovu: “I wasn’t so nervous meeting your parents, what I was, a little bit nervous about was the fact that it was so soon.” So, she went on to say that things happened so fast… and boom they were getting married!

Hungani Ndlovu: “Do girls like it when a guy is emotional?”

Stephanie Ndlovu: “In my opinion, I don’t know…but I like guys who show emotions because I struggle with emotions…and you come to know what they are thinking and stuff. I know a lot of women sees it as a sign of being weak for some weird reasons that a man showing emotions is not a man, I don’t know how they reached that conclusion…Society.”

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Hungani Ndlovu: Why do girls go to the toilet or bathroom in groups?

Stephanie Ndlovu: “For know you got your friends, they got your back.”

Hungani Ndlovu: “What does it mean when a girl says ‘I’m fine!’”

Stephanie: “She is not…hahaha…most of the time. For me I’m fine means give me a moment. It means I am not fine but I am not ready to talk about or explain why I am not fine, for me personally it means…let me process my own emotions.”

Hungani Ndlovu: Do girls like Cling guys?

Stephanie: “hahaha… clinging how? …I don’t like clinging guys, I thought its clinging emotionally but if it’s to be before my face always, nah…”

Hungani Ndlovu: “Do all girls like to cuddle?”

Stephanie Ndlovu: “No! Literally No!”

Hungani Ndlovu: “And you, do you like cuddling?”

Stephenie: “Generally speakin…Yes. But individually speaking No.”

Hungani Ndlovu: “Is it okay for your partner to have a close friend that’s a girl?”

Stephanie: “This is a tricky one! … I like the fact that we are people…when it comes to opposite s.3.x and you were truly platonic … what I would like you guys to do is to be more transparent.”

Hungani Ndlovu: ” So, does size matter?”

Stephanie: “Of the personality, of course it matters, I love big personality and great personalities. Personalities that show up.”

So, please live your comments and check the video below for more.

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