ten most dangerous criminals in South African history

The most dangerous offenders have committed some genuinely horrible deeds in South Africa over the years, enough to keep a mature man (or woman) up at night. This is said to be caused by a variety of causes, including undocumented immigrants, a weaker economy, shoddy infrastructure, overcrowding, and fast urbanisation. Here are the ten most dangerous criminals in South African history, whatever the circumstances

11. Ananias Mathe

ten most dangerous criminals in South African history
Image of Ananias

Another villain deserving of consideration on this list is Ananias, an infamous Mozambican armed robber and serial rapist. Although Mathe was never found guilty of murder, unlike every other criminal on this list, the sheer volume of people he raped merits him a place on the list of the most evil. He was also the only offender to have escaped from Pretoria’s C-Max Prison, which offers the highest level of protection. Mathe received a 54-year prison term after being found guilty on 67 of 71 counts, including rape, attempted rape, attempted murder, robbery, and theft. [1]

10. Daisy Louisa C. de Melker

ten most dangerous criminals in South African history
Image of Daisy

The top of this list is Daisy de Melker, a qualified nurse who poisoned her only kid with arsenic for still-unknown reasons after strychnine poisoning two spouses for their life insurance money. The fact that all of her victims were close relatives and that she was a nurse helped her earn a spot on this list despite the fact that she only had three victims. We all have a tendency to view healthcare professionals as trustworthy friends who we would practically entrust our lives to. It, together with her familiarity with various poisons, made her one of the most lethal assassins around. She was the sole woman on this list and the second woman to have been executed in South Africa.

9. Jack Mogale

ten most dangerous criminals in South African history
Image of Jack Mogale

Mogale, who the authorities dubbed the West-End Serial Killer, murdered 16 people in 2008 and 2009. For his actions, he is currently serving 16 life sentences plus an additional 23 years. He claimed to be a preacher and a prophet for the Zion Christian Church (ZCC), according to two women who survived attacks by him who testified about it during the trial.

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8. Jimmy Maketta

ten most dangerous criminals in South African history
Image of Jimmy

Maketta was found guilty in 2007 on 16 charges of murder and 19 counts of rape after entering a guilty plea. He was labelled a psychopath by a government psychiatrist. Maketta explained how, from April to December 2005, he would target agricultural workers on Friday nights near the Philippi settlement in Cape Town from a hill. [2]

7. Elias Xitavhudzi

Elias murdered at least 16 men and women in Atteridgeville in the 1950s. During the height of apartheid, the fact that all of his victims were white caused a great deal of uproar. He was known as “Pangaman” before being apprehended; the weapon he employed to slaughter his victims had this name. On November 14th, 1960, he was hanged to death after being apprehended and found guilty.

6. Sipho Thwala

Thwala, who raped and strangled 19 women, went given the alias “The Phoenix Strangler” in honour of the neighbourhood where he committed his murders. In 1996, he started a year-long rampage of rapes and murders in the KwaZulu-Natal region. He received a 506-year prison term. With the prospect of employment as domestic servants in adjacent hotels, he would entice local women into joining him into the sugarcane fields of Mount Edgecombe near the town of Phoenix.

5. Christopher Mhlengwa Zikode

On eight counts of murder, five counts of rape, five counts of attempted murder, and two counts of indecent assault, Zikode was found guilty in 1995. Yet because he is believed to be responsible for at least 18 murders and 11 attempted murders, he was given a 140-year prison term in January 1997. [3]

4. Bulelani Mabhayi

ten most dangerous criminals in South African history
Image of Bulelani Mabhayi

He was dubbed the “Monster of Tholeni” and murdered women and children in the Tholeni community. Mabhayi murdered 10 women and 9 children in the Eastern Cape community of Tholeni between May 2007 and August 11, 2012. The youngest and oldest of his victims were 14 months and 79 years old, respectively. Mabhayi was held responsible for 20 murders, 6 rapes, and 10 burglaries. On September 3, 2013, he received a sentence of 25 years to life in jail.

3. Asande Baninzi

18 people died from Baninzi between June and August 2001. He was found guilty of 14 homicides, 4 rapes, and 2 armed robberies. He received 189 years in prison in addition to 19 life sentences. Although having fewer victims than our number three, Baninzi is more dangerous because he carried out all of these atrocities within the space of just three months.

2. Cedric Maake

ten most dangerous criminals in South African history
Image of Cedric Maake

He was referred to as the “Wemmer Pan Killer” and the “Hammer Killer” and used a variety of weapons to commit his murders, including knives, rocks, pistols, and hammers. In Gauteng, Maake killed 27 people between 1996 and 1997. In addition, he was found guilty of 41 robberies, 14 rapes, and 26 attempted murders. Due to the inconsistent modus operandi, authorities determined that the murders were the work of two serial killers. Moses Sithole, the following serial murderer on this list, was found guilty of 38 murders and given a 1,340-year prison sentence before Maake was apprehended. [4]

1. Moses Sithole

ten most dangerous criminals in South African history
Image of Moses Sithole

Moses Sithole will be listed at the top of this list. Sithole, one of the most renowned serial killers in South Africa, committed the so-called “ABC Murders,” which began in Atteridgeville, continued in Boksburg, and ended in Cleveland, Johannesburg, killing 38 people and raping 40 more. Sithole received a cumulative sentence of 2410 years in prison in 1997. Before becoming eligible for parole, Sithole would have to complete at least 930 years of incarceration. The judge also informed Sithole that he would have received a death sentence if the death penalty had not been abolished.

Thanks to our dedicated police, these individuals were captured and are now behind bars in some of the most secure Super Max prisons in the world.

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