SA Celebs who adopted

Did you know that a lot of kids all over the world grow up without parents. While most people have devided views about adoption, it can make the world for an adopted child. So we will look at 7 Celebrities who adopted children in South Africa.

7. Shekinah Donnell

SA Celebs who adopted
Image of Shekinah Donnell

When she was just three weeks old, her biological mother abandoned her in a KwaZulu-Natal hospital. Fortunately, she was adopted by the white family, the Donnells. Her bond with Phil and Deborah Donnell, her adopted parents, is quite strong. Her musical career has always had Phil’s physical and emotional backing. Deborah, who resides in the US, makes time to visit Shekhinah. Shekhinah’s experience growing up in a non-white home was not as difficult as one might anticipate for a typical black youngster. She revealed in an interview that she had a lot of love as a child rather than feeling like an outcast. Shekhinah claimed that she had only ever encountered racism when she arrived in Johannesburg. She was never alone in being around other black folks who were very Black Conscious. She now believes that humanity should come above all else as a result of her experience with prejudice. [1]

6. Rebecca Malope

SA Celebs who adopted
Image of Singer Rebecca Malope

Oluthando, Thandeka Malope, and Zweli were adopted by “The African Queen of Gospel” after she passed away. Despite having adopted them when they were young, the well-known gospel singer nurtured them, and today they are adults with children of their own.

5. Pearl Thusi

SA Celebs who adopted
Image of Model Pearl Thusi

The seasoned actress is a devoted mother to her three kids. In addition to having her own biological daughter, Thandolwethu Mokoena, 33, has also adopted a second daughter. Her given name is Okuhle Thusi. The child she adopted from Ghana, Okuhle, is six years old, and Thando is thirteen. In 2010, Thusi made her adoption plans public.

On March 7, the celebrated actress jumped on Twitter to fawn about Okuhle, who was commemorating her sixth birthday. “It’s amazing that a flawed person might encounter perfect love… We are grateful that you came into this world and into our lives. I’m proud to be your mother and thrilled to call you my daughter. My dear, happy birthday,” she wished in a tweet. [2]

4. Mpho Brescia

The well-known actress also has an adopted child. In 2016, Brescia adopted a child they named Rain. The Isibaya actress poured her heart out in May of this year as she celebrated Rain’s 8th birthday. “The age of the universe is eight. Happy birthday, #raindropsoflove! God’s plans for us spanned 8 years. excellence for eight years “.. She is “Rain,” and her smile and attractiveness are everything. She wrote, “Wishing princess Rain a happy birthday.

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3. Siya Kolisi

SA Celebs who adopted
Image of Siya Kolisi

Children have been adopted by people other than just actresses. The South African national team’s captain and former professional rugby player Siya Kolisi has two kids. With four children—two of them are Rachel’s and the other two that he adopted after their mother passed away in 2014—Kolisi is married to Rachel Smith. The professional rugby player’s children are Nicholas and Keziah, while Liyema and Liphelo are his adopted siblings.

2. Charlize Theron

SA Celebs who adopted
Image of Charlize Theron

One of the top paid actresses in the world at age 46, the actress has two adoptive kids. Last year, she tweeted a picture of her Jackson and August, two adoptive children. Jackson is nine years old, while August is five. Jackson was brought up by Charlize as a girl, but she admitted in 2019 to the Daily Mail that she is not a girl. I believed she was a boy as well. Charlize claimed to have told the Daily Mail.

1. Bonnie Mbulie

Actors who adopted
Image of Bonnie Mbulie

The actress and TV personality’s two sons, Micaiah and Hanniel, are her pride and delight. Hanniel, on the other hand, is an adopted child, whilst Micaiah is her biological son. The 42-year-old actress adopted Hanniel when she was three months old and adores her two kids. [3]