Mapula is praying to God for new opportunities since Rhythm City is halting


Mapula Mofole is praying to God for new acting opportunities after an announcement that Rhythm City is coming to an end after 13 years of broadcasting on etv.

Mapula Mofole who is well known for her leading role on Rhythm City as Mapula is worried about how to survive after Rhythm city comes to an end. The 30 years old lady Mapula is praying to God for new acting opportunities to come for her. She is very aware that when Rhythm city comes to an end in July she will be unemployed if new opportunities don’t come on time.

The Rhythm City star and very young looking Mapula shows that she is very grateful and will always be for being part of Rhythm City family. She said that it has been a journey of growth. Mapula also said that there are so many great opportunities in South Africa. And great shows which she has been watching and she pray that she gets a place in one of them.

This is what Mapula wrote on her twitter:

“Waking for work… can’t believe RC (Rhythm City) days are coming to an end soon. It’s really been a journey of growth. I’ll always be grateful. Now I pray God opens new doors for me … so many great shows on SA tv I’ve been watching. So much talent!! I pray there’s a place for me” she tweeted.

The young looking 30-year-old also showed her admiration for Thuso Mbedu. So, she went on with her prayer in the comment section of her tweet, saying that if God wills she should get an international career like Thuso Mbedu.

The comments on Mapula’s tweet showed that her fans are supporting her and encourage her to have faith.

Dr Phil @DrPhil81356527 said, “On the other hand, you should create your own niche. There’s a lot that you can do with your talent besides acting. May God guide you. DM for ideas, feel free. This is the time where African youths create and build their own brands. With your acting exposure, you can survive and be your own brand.”

She is Movement @MfekaLond… said, “Definitely God will open big door my sister You (are)very talented never doubt that You still have many characters to play…”

Miss G @drewura, “You will be missed on RC but I’m sure you will fit in any soapie you find yourself. You are an amazing actress.”

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On the other News:

Mapula replies to fake blog headline that said Mapula is in tears

The blog headline was written Rhythm city Mapula in tears as she asks Mzansi for help of which Mapula replied on in tweet saying that she is not in tears and she is not hopeless. Mapula showed that maybe she will be in tears when show ends because she enjoyed her work not because she is hopeless.

“Aand I’m not in tears lol. I probably will be when we wrap though coz I enjoyed my work, but I’m not hopeless. My journey is only beginning!” she said.

The blogger went on to misspell Mapula’s name as Mmapula and misquoting her words by paraphrasing them but in inverted commas saying;

“I miss days long stretches of awakening to go to work, I miss offering the stage to such countless greats in the South African industry Its clearly hard now, I’m jobless; there is no arrangement. There are so numerous skilled entertainer in the country so the opposition is hard-however I supplicate and I’m confident that God will open entryways for me” the blogger said. This was completely different from what Mapula said.

Such bloggers reporting, Mapula has called it fake, annoying and does sound like her.

“This is annoying… Fake articles with fake quotes Expressionless face it doesn’t even sound like me Unamused face.” She said.

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