Kgomotso Christopher whose fans questioned her height.

Kgomotso Christopher
Tall or short fans for Kgomotso Christopher questioned his height.

Fans on Twitter were very curious to know if Kgomotso Christopher is tall as they assume.

Kgomotso Christopher, is she tall or short? Each  and everyday we see actors on screen and we have our own perspective how do they look. Due to makeover which they are getting according to their character,we take them as who they’re appealing on the screen.Otherwise the opposite is the truth these actors are different if you see them in real life.

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Who is Kgomotso Christopher?

Kgomotso Christopher is a South African Actor and Voice Artist.She was born 25 March 1979 which means she is 42 years  old. Christopher is a married woman,she is married  to Calvin Christopher and they have two kids.She is known by most people acting as Katlego from Isindingo and YV on Scandal. She also appeared in other films.

Kgomotso Christopher’s height.

Kg Christopher revealed on her Twitter account that she is 1,66m in height.This happens after some fans were assuming that they thought she is tall.Another fan retweeted that his assumption was that she was 1,7m and above.1

Lets have look at what other retweeted tweets on Kgomotso account says from Twitter.

“You are beautiful and extraordinary and Mzansi Icon no matter how tall you are Ma”am South Africans respect love and adore you always we thank God for creating blessing and prospering you thank You for being you Kgomotso Christopher in Jesus Mighty name amen ” said Dr Dirk Deetlefs OBE [1] 

And Jesus freak also commented on Kg’s post, “Really?! How is it then that u look waaaaay taller, with legs for days?”

From most twitter comments and retweets of Mmaleeto fans or YV as she is known from Scandal, fans do not believe that Kgomotso is 1.66m not tall.