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South African-born actress Harriet Manamela was born on October 13, 1971. Her most well-known role was Meikie Maputla in the television drama Skeem Saam.

Biography profile of Harriet Manamela

Harriet Manamela Biography
Image of Harriet

Full name  : Harriet Manamela
Gender  : Female
Age : 52 years old (2023)
Date of birth  : 13 October 1971
Place of birth  : Diepkloof, Johannesburg, Gauteng province
Nationality  : South African
Occupation  : actress
Networth  : $200000

Early life

Harriet Maname was raised in Diepkloof, Gauteng, South Africa. She was raised by both of her parents, who finally moved to Johannesburg with their family in the early 1990s. Since then, she has spent some time living in a number of different places all over the country, but she always comes back to Johannesburg. [1]

Harriet Manamela’s education

Manamela completed her education at St. Anthony’s School in Boksburg. She decided to pursue her dream because she had always wanted to be an actress. She joined the Squints Artists Community Theatre Group in Alexandra, and she made her theatrical debut in The Virus and Let’Let’s Ask About Aids during the Market Theatre Laboratory Annual Festival.

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Career  Breakthrough

Harriet performed for the Young Writers Festival at The Market Theatre for two years before going on to audition for television. When she was chosen for Soul City in 1998, she experienced her breakthrough. She was cast in the following films: Rhythm City, Isidingo, Yizo Yizo II, Justice For All II & III, Zero Tolerance, Soul Buddyz Behind, and The Badge. Harriet went on to appear in other short and feature-length fi

Her role on Skeem Saam

Harriet Manamela Biography
Image of actress Meiki

A collection of tales on the path to manhood, Skeem Saam stars Harriet Manamela as Meikie Maputla, a no-nonsense mother of Thabo and Leeto Maputla and wife to John Maputla. The local drama series explores the predicament of today’s youth and the difficult obstacles they encounter as they grow into men.

Personal life of Harriet Manamela

With two sons, Harriet Manamela is a contentedly married woman. The fact that her husband’s and kids’ names are still unknown to the general public shows that she may have withheld the information to shield her family. HarrHarriet’s husband was having an unfair relationship in 2017, but she persisted, confronted the woman, and won her husband back. [2]

Social media of Harriet Manamela

The downside of celebrity presence on social media, including shaming, cyberbullying, and impersonation, has scared Harriet away from social media. She has accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but rarely posts or comments. On Instagram she have 83 posts with 24.8 K followers.


Harriet has been an actor for 2.5 decades, and during that time she has remained committed to her trade. With a current net worth of $200,000, Harriet Meikie Maputla is a successful actress who only receives money through acting jobs. Her admirers hope that Harriet’ MaputMaputla’mela will continue to make graceful television appearances for many more years. [3]