Who exactly is Themba Gorimbo Biography, age, career, family and UFC

Zimbabwean mixed martial artist Themba Gorimbo competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)’s welterweight division. He is also the first Zimbabwean to triumph in a UFC match and the former EFC welterweight champion.

Biography profile of Themba Gorimbo

Themba Gorimbo Biography
Image of Themba

Full name : Themba Lawrence Gorimbo
Gender : Male
Age : 32 years old
Date of birth : 23 January 1991
Place of birth : Masvingo, South Africa
Nationality : Zimbabwean
Occupation : Mixed Martial Artist
Religion : Christian
Height : 1.85m
Weight : 77kg

Early life of Themba

Themba Gorimbo was born on January 23, 1991, in the Eastern Zimbabwean town of Bikita. When he was nine years old, he lost his mother, and four years later, his father. He was left to fend for himself and his siblings, illegally mining the fields for Marange diamonds. [1]

He was captured by the police one night after being attacked by German shepherds, which left him with scars all over his body. He barely made it through the ordeal before deciding to start over. Gorimbo chose to leave Zimbabwe in 2008 and set up camp illegally in South Africa after the near-death incident. He was 17 years old. Gorimbo was arrested by immigration officers and sent home because he lacked a passport, as fate would have it.

He disembarked from the bus at the first stop in Zimbabwe on the way back and insistedently got off. He had re-entered South Africa illegally three hours later. Gorimbo ran into the worst of it once he had crossed the border. When Gorimbo came to, he made the decision to turn himself in to the authorities. He was nonetheless demoralised by one of the others, so they left for Johannesburg.

The UFC fighter was homeless and distributed flyers for R20 every day so he could purchase bread and a drink. Fortunately, he was able to save enough money to travel to Cape Town and visit his cousins. In Cape Town, he held jobs as a security guard, painter, and gardener. Gorimbo, then 19 years old, watched the movie Never Back Down in 2010. Never again was his life the same

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Martial Arts Journey of Themba Gorimbo

He joined a neighbourhood gym where he studied kickboxing, taekwondo, and karate. He also became interested in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling. He participated in a number of competitions and took home numerous medals and prizes. He earned the moniker “The Answer” for his propensity to find a solution to any issue that arose in the cage. [2]

Themba Gorimbo, EFC Champion and UFC Fighter

Themba Gorimbo Biography
Image of UFC fighter Gorimbo

In 2010, Gorimbo made his professional MMA debut. By the time he signed with the Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) in 2018, he had collected a 10-3 record. In his second contest with the organisation, he defeated Luke Michael via submission to win the EFC welterweight title. He twice defeated Lyle Karam and Jose Da Rocha to retain his title, which earned him a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for 2022.

At UFC Vegas 73 on May 20, 2023, Gorimbo defeated Takashi Sato by majority decision to become the first Zimbabwean to win a UFC fight. He admitted that, before to the bout, he had just $7.49 in his bank account and that, due to a lack of resources and training facilities, he spent the night on a couch in the gym. In addition, he put his fight gear up for online auction. With the proceeds, he built a bush pump for his Zimbabwean town, which now has access to clean water.

Recognition and Inspiration

Many people all across the world have been moved by Gorimbo’s tale of overcoming adversity and giving back to his community. Celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who posted a video on Instagram saying he was inspired by Gorimbo’s tenacity and kindness, praised him. His training colleagues, including Colby Covington, who might go on to contend for the UFC welterweight belt, offered him encouragement as well.

With an 11-4 record, Gorimbo is presently the 15th-ranked welterweight in the UFC. He is considered as one of Africa’s top fighters and serves as an inspiration for prospective MMA competitors in Zimbabwe. Additionally, he is a modest and giving individual who cherishes his community and family. He has stated that he would prefer to be loved for being himself than for being a fake. [3]

Personal life of Gorimbo

He is a married man and together with his wife have kids. Nothing much is known about his family yet. Gorimbo loves his family and is working for them through fighting.