A video of Nelisiwe Sibiya of Durban Gen confused by taxi change

Nelisiwe Sibiya Dr Mbali Mthetwa
Nelisiwe Sibiya

Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya who plays the role of Dr Mbali Mthetwa on etv drama Durban Gen was shown flames by taxi maths. A video of her confused with taxi change has recently emerged. Check it out below.

Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya act as a medical Doctor known as Dr Mbali Mthetwa on Durban Gen. On the drama, she is smart, intelligent, compassionate and deceptive.

Mbali Mthetwa, a newly qualified doctor who moves to the big city. She leaves her fiancé in the small town they grew up in to serve her final year of community service at Durban General Hospital.

Falling for her superior, Dr. Lindelani Zulu, a dazzling and striking surgeon they have irrefutable chemistry but this entanglement is putting everything at stake. On arrival at Durban General Hospital, Mbali assists in an unsafe surgery that goes horribly wrong, resulting in the death of a MEC. The incident shoves the hospital, Mbali, and Dr. Lindelani Zulu, into the middle of an investigation that threatens to wreck her career at its onset.

Nelisiwe in real life is a University graduate who is obviously smart when it comes to mathematics. But in the trending video she is shown failing to calculate taxi change. Taxi change is always a problem even for accountants and maths teachers even though they have a solid back ground of mathematics. But this also is quite ironic because taxi drivers are good at their mathematics. Even though they are associated with lack of education but they know taxi maths which is part of their everyday life.

Check out the video below where the Durban Gen star was straggling without help. It was better if she took out a calculator or phone to simplify her problem. The video was posted on her official Instagram account few days ago.

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