Five facts about Nyasha Gurira Crooger


Climbing the ladder of fame is a number one priority among young Hip Hop artist and Crooger has proven to be amongst those on the rise to fame. So, we are going to list ………facts about Nyasha Gurira referred to as Crooger.

Biography Profile

Real name: Nyasha Gurira

Occupation: Hip Hop artist

Stage name: Crooger

Born: January 11, 1994

Age: 26 Years old

From: Chivhu-town Zimbabwe

Gender: Male


Nyasha Gurira was born on 11 January 1994 in Chitungwiza town and attended his primary there. Nyasha who is also called Crooger was born in a family of three boys and his the only one who is doing music. At early age Nyasha was told that he can’t sing by his because of his deep voice but has proven people wrong after discovering there is a lot he can do with his voice.

How Nyasha got his stage name:

“I borrowed my cousins phone without his knowledge, went to school with it and he started calling me Crooker. It then later changed to Crooger, inspired by a character in one of the books he read,” he recounted, before adding, “But l am not a crook though.” Sundaymail.


He attended Gokomere High School in Masvingo and he then later attended his tertiary education at Pearson Institute of Higher Education. Crooger is a Business Communication Accounting graduate and a part-time ACCA student.


  At early stages, people didn’t believe that Nyasha could sing because of his deep voice. But today he is the only artist in their family. Nyasha got his first recording money from his mother when everyone else did not believe he was cut for the music trade. Crooger believes music is a business and as a BCA graduate and ACCA student he tries to be professional in his music career.  The rapper sings in his mother tongue despite being inspired by 50cent.


In 2013, at Zim Hip-Hop Awards, Crooger won the best Album Art for his album Road to Fame. This album got him two nominations in the Best Album and Best New Comer categories.