9 Mzansi Actors Fired for being Toxic in Recent Years


With the rising number of unemployment in the country, its sad to hear that someone was fired from their job. In such a case, we would all want to hear the reasons behind the dismissal and if it’s not fair we would all be concerned, but if someone is fired because of misbehavior and work disruption, it all sounds justifiable. we will look at 9 Mzansi Actors Who Were Fired For being Toxic in few Recent Years.

Number 1 is Moshidi Motshegwa, fired for Bullying

Actors and actresses who were fired for bad behavior
Image of Moshidi Motshegwa

The veteran actress Moshidi Motshegwa who is best known for Rhythm City and Zero Tolerance was fired from The River, a Mzansi Magic drama series, after complaints of abuse from her fellow cast members. One of her fellow cast members who became her victim is the actress Larona Moagi. According to reports Moshidi was accused of bullying other cast members and being cruel to them. But Moshidi had her own side of the story. She admitted to have had an altercation with fellow actress, Larona, but she was just trying to help her sharpening her craft. She continued claiming that she was unfairly dismissed and her contract was terminated before it was even put to use in the show’s second season. [1]

Number 2 is Mangaliso Ngema, fired for Sexual Harassment

9 Mzansi Actors Fired for being Toxic in Recent Years
Image of Mangaliso

An actor and former brand manager for Guinness was fired from SABC 2 soapie Lithapo after he was accused of sexually harassing female cast members of the show. It appears this has been happening and no one was willing to speak out until Lorraine Moropa and Altovise Lawrence opened up on sexual abuse by Mangaliso Ngema. Lorraine who plays Pabi in the drama opened up on how her working environment at Lithapo was becoming so toxic because of the advancements made by the Mangaliso. In response, Mangaliso didn’t deny these claims, he went to social media to wrote his apology to his victims and said he takes full responsibility of his actions and that he was out of line.

Number 3 is TK Dlamini, fired for Rude Behavior

9 Mzansi Actors Fired for being Toxic in Recent Years
Image of Tk Dlamini

Another actor who was fired for being toxic and bad behavior is TK Dlamini. The actor was showing up at work late which was becoming a set back for shooting the scenes he was involved in. According to News365 website, Dlamini was even nicknamed the drama king for his rude behavior, and the producers who initially tolerated this were fed up of his behavior in the end. Another anonymous source close to Uzalo producers claims that Dlamini made outrageous demands on set and didn’t take directions well. It is believed that fame is what pushed Dlamini to grow a thick head than his superiors who saw it fit to fire him without hesitation.

Number 4 is Mpumelelo Bhulose, fired for Rude Behavior

9 Mzansi Actors Fired for being Toxic in Recent Years
Image of Bhulose

Another actor who had grown a thicker and bigger head than his superiors like TK Dlamini is Mpumelelo Bhulose who was fired from Imbewu the seed where he acted as Zimele Bhengu. According to reports from Sowetan, Mpumelelo Bhulose was fired for missing shoots on numerous occasions which are the same reasons he was fired from Uzalo. In response, Bhulose was adamant in denying the accusations. He claimed that he was innocent both in Imbewu and Uzalo, and also seem to claim he was under appreciated despite the effort he puts in acting. [2]

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Number 5 is Zoe Mthiyane, fired for getting drunk at work

9 Mzansi Actors Fired for being Toxic in Recent Years
Image of Zoe

The actress Zoe Mthiyane is one of those actresses and actors who were fired for bad behavior. She is a singer and actress best known for playing the role of Zitha Langa in Generations: The Legacy. She was fired on Generations the legacy for causing disruption on the set. According to reports the actress was reporting late for work and was always drunk after she had become depressed after her relationship with the fellow actor, Rapulana Seiphemo, had ended. Their relationship was Scandalous as it involved another actress in the same drama. It was a love triangle which led her to be depressed and not focusing on her work. She was also getting bullied by her co – actor’s girlfriend, a load she couldn’t bear together with acting.

Number 6 is Mbulelo Ndlazilwana

9 Mzansi Actors Fired for being Toxic in Recent Years
Image of Mbulelo

The actor and brand promoter Mbulelo Ndlazilwana was also fired from Scandal for bad behavior. In Scandal, Mbulelo played the role of Scelo Ngema, the son of Mlungisi Ngema (by Patrick Mofokeng) and Zinzile Ngema (by Gcina Nkosi). The actor was fired for being part of bad company. He was arrested during the brothel raid in Springs, Ekurhuleni following a tip-off from a young woman who had escaped from this brothel. Mbulelo was co-accused with brothel owners for human trafficking but he was later released from prison cells because there was no evidence he was involved in the crimes he was accused of. Despite of being found innocent, Scandal never took him back as an actor.

Number 7 is Nay Maps, fired for over speeding

9 Mzansi Actors Fired for being Toxic in Recent Years
Image of Nay Maps

Another actor is Nay Maps who played Dingane on The Queen. The actor was fired on the drama because of bad behavior just like Mbulelo Ndlazilwana. Both of their bad behaviors didn’t happen at work but outside the working environment. The actor was arrested in Pretoria for bad driving which included over speeding. Since the soapie wanted to distance itself from such acts they fired him from their production crew. [3]

Number 8 is Nelisa Mchunu, fired for poor acting and arrogance

9 Mzansi Actors Fired for being Toxic in Recent Years
Image of Nelisa Mchunu

An actress by the name of Nelisa Mchunu was fired from SABC1 drama series Uzalo where she played the role of Fikile who was Sibusiso’s boyfriend. Nelisa was fired from the drama for poor acting skills and arrogance. In other sources it’s said she spoke broken English on the drama in addition to bad acting and not following orders well, so the creators had to fire her. Some sources claimed that the actress begged for her role not to be terminated on the drama but the producers were fed up and couldn’t reverse their decision.

Number 9 is Khanya Mkangisa, fired for Drinking and Driving

9 Mzansi Actors Fired for being Toxic in Recent Years
Image of Khanya

The last actor on our list is Khanya Mkangisa, an actress who was fired from The Queen where she played the role of Akhona. She was fired on this drama because of her video which was circulating on social media in which she was under the influence of Alcohol. Just like in most dramas, the creators had to fire her to distance themselves from such gross misconduct. Her lawyer also confirmed that the actress was arrested for on suspicion of drinking and driving. The actress admitted in an interview with DJ Fresh on Metro FM, that she was wrong and she won’t play a victim. But after some months of being suspended from the drama, the actress was reinstated on her position and she continued portraying her role.


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