Lorraine Mphephi full bio, career, personal, Social media and Discography

Actress Lorraine Mphephi, also referred to as Lolo Mphephi, is a well-known celebrity. Her performance in the drama series Yizo Yizo on SABC1 will stick in the memories of many. From 1999 until 2004, she played the role of Mantwa and was one of the show’s main actresses.

Biography profile of Lorraine Mphephi

Lorraine Mphephi Biography
Image of Lolo Mphephi

Full name : Lorraine Mphephi

Nickname  : Lolo Mphephi

Gender  : Female

Age : Unknown

Date of birth  : 27 August

Place of birth  : Soweto, Johannesburg,  Gauteng province

Nationality  : South African

Occupation  : Actress

Instagram  : lolipop mphephi

Facebook  : Unknown

Early life

Since Lorraine Mphephi’s birthdate is not publicly known, it could be challenging to determine her exact age. Nonetheless, it is plausible to assume that she is a middle-aged woman who has taken good care of herself based on the length of time she has worked in the field and her attractive appearance. She is actually ageing gracefully. [1]

All that is known about Lorraine is that her mother was a domestic worker, therefore Lorraine was raised by her grandmother. The two women urged her to finish her education before they supported her choice of work.

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Career of Lorraine Mphephi

Lorraine Mphephi Biography
Image of Actress Lulu from smoke and mirrors

She is a talented actor in her own right. As a member of the renowned Yiz Yizo cast from 1999 to 2004, she began her acting career at a young age and has more than ten years of experience. When she was a teenager and still a high school student, she joined the cast. She is recognisable to you from the many parts she has performed in TV series.

She has made cameo appearances in a number of television shows, including the sitcom Single Guys on SABC1, the drama series aYeYe on Vuzu Amp, the drama series Home Affairs on SABC1, Mtunzini.com, Zero Tolerance, and Tshisa on e.tv. [2]

Personal life of Lorraine

The actress claims that her twin teenage daughters are her life, and she is a single mother to them. She says that the father of her children does not live with them. Although she is reluctant to discuss him, she acknowledged that since her father did not live with her, she did not have much to say about her own life.

The actress continues by saying that raising her girls has not been difficult. She says that since there is always hope, adults shouldn’t be scared to raise their children independently. Actress Lorraine Mphephi is a talented woman with two daughters. Even if she doesn’t share a lot about herself publicly, her work demonstrates that she is a person who puts her all forth when it comes to things that matter to her.

Social media

Lorraine is on Instagram @Lolipopmphephi she has 1707 posts with  20,6K followers and is following.  Lolo’s Facebook account is unknown as well as her Twitter account. [3]


• Drunk Woman on season 1 of aYeYe.

• Young Woman 1 on Home Affairs Season 2. • • Pam on Isibaya Season 1 to 7.

• Gail on Jacob’s Cross Season 1 to 3.

• Precious on Mtunzi.com Season 2.

• Nandi on the first Season of Single Guyz.

• The Hairdresser on Soul Buddyz Season 5. • • Loo the Radio News Reader on Tshisa Season 2.

• Cynthia on Umlilo season 1.

• Mantwa on Yizo Yizo Season 1 to 3.

• Elsie Mhlambi on the first season of Zero Tolerance.