Lindani Nkosi Biography AKA Mandela on movie Drum


Actor Lindani Nkosi was born in South Africa on March 5, 1968. His performance as Lincoln Sibeko in the soap series Isidingo made him famous. Additionally, he played Nelson Mandela in the 2004 movie Drum, and since Takalani Sesame’s premiere in 2000, he has played Moshe the gigantic meerkat from the popular South African children’s programme Takalani Sesame, a co-production of the enduring American programme Sesame Street.

Biography profile of Lindani Nkosi

Lindani Nkosi Biography
Image of Lindani

Full name  : Lindani Nkosi

Gender  : Male

Age : 55 years old

Date of birth  : 5 March 1968

Place of birth  : South Africa

Nationality : South African

Occupation  : Actor, Voice Artist, musical performer, Dancer

Early life and Personal life

He is a well-known South African figure who was born on March 5th, 1968. Lindani Nkosi is 53 years old and recently celebrated his birthday. Given his well-known on-screen persona of Lincoln Sibeko, you may anticipate that he would be transparent off-screen like most famous people. Though he is not. The birthplace and academic history of Lindani Nkosi are unknown because he has not spoken much about his early years. [1]

Lincoln Sibeko’s part in the SABC 3 soap drama Isidingo may be the one that has made Lindani the talk of the town. He is one of the most well-known villains in South African soap operas due to his cunning personality. However, this character is not at all like him in real life. He acknowledges that the identity he embraces on stage is exactly that a persona.

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Career of Lindani Nkosi

Lindani Nkosi Biography
Image of Lindani and fellow actors

There is no questioning the actor’s successful performing career at the age of 53. He may be most known to us from Isidingo, but he has appeared in a lot of other television shows. Nelson in Drum (2004) is one of his projects. He also belonged to the Forgotten Angel Company, a physical theatre movement ensemble. His work in the musical Ain’t Misbehavin earned him the Naledi Award for Best Male Performance in 2006. Most of his followers are now interested in Lindani Nkosi net worth as a result of his flourishing career. His earnings and wealth have not yet been disclosed. It is safe to assume that the figure is rather high and respectable given his successful career, nevertheless.

Personal life

Due in large part to Lindani Nkosi’s admission that he is a family guy, a lot of inquiries concerning his wife and son may be found online. He has acknowledged that he spends the most of his time with his family, but he hasn’t elaborated. The names of his kid, wife, and other family members are seldom known. Since the two seem to have a close relationship in the television programme Isidingo, some people think that Lindani Nkosi’s son is Lerato Makhetha. Furthermore, he possesses the same character as Sibeko’s son. Lerato is not necessarily his son in real life, even though he is his son on film. Lerato is actually the son of Jerry Mofokeng, another renowned actor. [2]

Dealing with Fame

Lincoln Sibeko, a fictional character played by Lindani Nkosi Isidingo, admits he is not a famous personality, in contrast to other superstars. He claims to detest being in the spotlight and makes every effort to stay away from public meetings and activities. It could explain why Lindani Nkosi’s Instagram account is completely missing. The famous person has also pleaded with his followers to avoid seeing him as a star because he doesn’t consider himself to be one. Similar to how he does with his characters, he admits he lacks confidence in real life, which may be why he is quiet and reserved and spends much of his time with his family. [3]

Television shows

• Drum (2004) as Nelson Mandela

• SABC1 Generations as Thulani

• SABC3 The Lab

• Rhythm City The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (2008)

• Dream World (2012)

• The Philanthropist (2009) 90

• Plein Street Donkerland

• Home Affairs

• The Docket

• Yizo Yizo

• Housekeepers

•Soul City

• The Mating Game

• Zero Tolerance Sokhulu & Partners

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