10 Mzansi actors who are not South Africans by origin


1. Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi✅
2. Chioma Antoinette Umeala✅
3. Joe kazadi✅
4. Angela Atlang✅
5. Sharon Seno✅
6. Themba Ntuli
7. Chiedza Mhende✅
8. Raphael Griffiths✅
9. Liteboho Molise✅
10. Connie Chiume✅

No 10 is Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi

Mzansi actors who are not South Africans
Image of Anthony Osiyemi

Anthony Oseyemi was born in British to Nigerian parents therefore he is of Nigerian descent. He identifies as a British-South African actor who grew up in South East London. Most people have seen Anthony Oseyemi in several movies and South African local dramas.

Anthony first came to South Africa in 1997 through Phakama, a youth art programme that encourages cultural exchange through arts on an international basis. And he just fell in love with the country. Essentially, he realised that he wanted to continue to work in the South African entertainment industry. Which was in his words overflowing with an “overwhelming amount of creativity and talent” according to Oseyemi.

On Nunber 9 we have Angela Atlang

Mzansi actors who are not South Africans
Image of Angela Atlang

Angela Atlang is a Botswana-born actress and model well known for playing Itseng Motsamai on Muvhango; a South African drama series which airs on SABC 1. She plays as James Motsamai’s estranged sister.

She was born and raised in Maun Township, North-West district in Botswana. Her mother is Ms Jeanie Atlang. Growing up, Angela did every duty and chores that a village girl would do. This includes herding goats, cooking with firedwood, using paraffin and candle lights and bathing in man-made zinc tub.

When she came to Muvhango, she immediately became a South African actress but not a citizen. [1]

Number 8 Joe kazadi

Mzansi actors who are not South Africans
Image of Joe Kazadi

Joseph Kazadi is a 31-year-old Congolese actor, fitness model, scriptwriter and entrepreneur. He is best known for playing the role of Thabiso on The Queen and Phillipe on Uzalo. He appeared on international screens on films such as Strike Back and Slay.

He was born on 13 January 1991 in Democratic republic of Congo. When he was 10 years old his mother Esther Mbuyi, moved them from DRC to South Africa where they became refugees. There was war in Congo and his mother didn’t want him to become a child soldier so they fled to South Africa. He grew up in Durban but later moved to Johannesburg to pursue acting and now he is a big star.

Number 7 is liteboho Molise

Mzansi actors who are not South Africans
Image of Liteboho Molise

Liteboho Molise was born on 23 January 1988 in Maseru, Lesotho. She then moved to Butha buthe district in Lesotho and later moved to another district called Mohale’s Hoek where she grew up. From an early age Liteboho used to be in almost all the plays at school. She would take part in any form of art such as singing, drama or singing but she did this only in her childhood.

When she was became a young adult ready to chose a career, she chose to pursue Political science. But deep down she knew she wanted to become a actress, so when she heard about Muvhango auditions in Maseru, she attended.

In May 2012, the star received a call about six months later after auditions, to come to Johannesburg where she landed a different role than she had auditioned for, the role of Teboho Mukwevho on Muvhango. After that she played several roles in South African Television industry and every one knows her as a South African celebrity. [2]

On Number 6 is Chiedza Mhende

Mzansi actors who are not South Africans
Image of Chiedza Mhende

Chiedza Mhende is Zimbabwean-born South African actress best known for playing Wandile Radebe on Generations: The Legacy, she has appeared on quite a number of theatre productions and television shows.

Chiedza was born on 19 October 1991 in Harare, Zimbabwe as Charlene Chiedza Kudzai Mhende. She grew up in Harare and attended her school there. Growing up she was part of a school drama club. She wanted to be a doctor but discovered at eleven that she liked theatre more.

She moved to South Africa in the 2000s to further her education in acting and art. Then she played in theatres before coming to fame. In 2015 she landed a role on SABC 1 Generations: The Lagacy as Wandile Radebe. Her role came with lot of controversy as a female character who was playing a male character but was later revealed as a transgender in the year 2016.

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Number 5 we have Sharon Seno

Mzansi actors who are not South Africans
Image of Sharon Seno

Sharon was born and raised in Kanye village, Botswana. Sharon was born in a family of three and she is a second born of her mother Naledi Seno. She is well known as Marang on Muvhango, a South African drama series. She is a Slay-Queen on the show and was joined by her fellow Botswana citizen Angela Atlang.

Before she auditioned for Muvhango, Sharon starred in Botswana drama series, Colors and Ntwakgolo. When interviewed with News24, Sharon claimed to have reached top five of Miss Botswana in 2013. [3]

Number 4 is Chioma Antoinette Umeala

Mzansi actors who are not South Africans
Image of Chioma Umeala

Chioma is a 26-year-old Nigerian – South African based actress. She was born on July 19, 1996 in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province in South Africa. She is best known for playing the role of Ayo Demi in etv’s drama series Isono: The Sin.

She was born to a Nigerian Igbo father and her mother is South African Xhosa woman. She was raised in Johannesburg by both her parents. Growing up in Joburg, the young Chioma developed interest in acting and music.

In 2017 she enrolled at AFDA to do drama and art related studies but she dropped out because of lack of funds. After dropping out of college she started to go for auditions and she got jobs in adverts, small acting roles, and featured in a few music videos. After that she appeared in several South African dramas including Isono which made her more famous.

On Number 3 is Connie Chiume

Mzansi actors who are not South Africans
Image of Connie Chiume

Connie Chiume is a 70-year-old South African actress with Malawi descent popular known for playing the role of Mamokete on soapie opera Rhythm City and other television serials and films such as Black panther and many more.

The actress is a daughter to Wright Tadeyo Chiume, her father from Usisya, Nkhata Bay, Malawi. Her mother is of a South African descent hailing from KwaZulu-Natal. The father to Connie Chiume died in 1983 in Malawi, his homeland. Having been born in South Africa, Connie laments having been deprived of a chance to enjoy her Malawian culture. She is, however, proud of her mixed-blood identity.

Number 2 is Raphael Griffiths

Mzansi actors who are not South Africans
Image of Raphael Griffiths

Raphael Griffiths is a Zambian-South African actor and singer. He was born in Johannesburg on the 2nd of January in 1992. Raphael’s father is a Zambian man from Kitwe and his mother is Zulu. Griffiths was not open about his background history because of the xenophobic waves and sentiment in South Africa.

He is however proud of his roots and shared how his family is widespread across Southern Africa. Growing up Raphael had different dreams and ambitions about the world. He wanted to study political science when he finished his matric, however he only ended up studying Television Production at AFDA.

His career began in 2007 and had a chance to be a presenter of Qbase 28. He has so far appeared in Muvhango as Vusi Mukwevho and in Imbewu the Seed as Zithulele.

On number one is Jerome Galiao

Mzansi actors who are not South Africans
Image of Jerome Galiao

Jerome Galiao, born on 05 June 1984, is a 38-year-old Zimbabwean actor and model. He is best known for Isithembiso, Scandal and Gomora. He also appeared on the most famous commercials such as the Play Boy it’s a Planet of Attraction which appeared on television from 2017 to 2019.

Jerome started as a model and after that he appeared on Zimbabwean local drama series, Estate Blues and was a presenter on Zim tv show Youth.com. In 2008 he moved to South Africa and appeared in several drama series on South African televisions. He appeared on Broken Vows as Ezra, played a police officer on Isithembiso and played as a Doctor on The River.