7 things you didn’t know about AKA.

‍Kiernan Forbes who was professionally known as AKA, who was assassinated on the 10 of February 2023, was a South African rapper, musician, actor and songwriter. He was widely known as a rapper but the star had a personal life, interests and other career highlights which were not well known to the public. He loved sports including soccer and Wrestling, he was even featured in WWE. The question is, was he a WWE superstar. Well, lets find out in this article as we discuss 7 things you didn’t know about AKA.

Number 1, AKA was featured on WWE Events

7 facts about AKA
Image of Kiernan Forbes holding a belt of wwe

AKA was the first artist in Africa to feature on WWE programme in 2018 when the franchise took its superstars on an action-impact country tour which featured live events in Cape Town and Johannesburg. He never felt ashamed to display his devotion to WWE in his day-to-day activities. He possessed belts, equipment, and—most cherished of all—appearances at WWE Live events in South Africa even though he wasn’t a WWE superstar.

In one show, AKA interrupted Elias’ guitar performance by walking into him in the ring and dropping a few bars after Elias asked AKA who he was and what AKA stands for. <span;>In a 2018 concert, after Elias questioned AKA about his identity and what AKA stands for, AKA interrupted Elias’ guitar solo by running into him in the ring and dropping a few bars. After promising Elias a beating to a 1, 2, and 3 count, AKA introduced Braun Strawman, who then entered the ring and terrified Elias, who had recruited his friend Samoa Joe to join him in attacking Supa Mega.

Number 2, AKA was Kaizer Chiefs big fan

7 facts about AKA
Image of AKA wearing Kaizer Chiefs T.shirt

Another stunning fact was that, AKA was a big fan for Kaizer Chiefs judging by appearances and the relationship he had with the Naturena outfit. Following his tragic death, Soweto Giants, Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, paid tribute to Mr Forbes, a celebrity fan of the club.

The club went on to convey this heartfelt message to AKA.

“We will always remember you as a Khosi 4 Life! May your soul Rest In Peace SuperMega and may our prayers bring comfort to your family and loved ones. We will miss your contribution to the entertainment industry. You will be remembered ‘Super Megacy, Black Magic’.”

Number 3, AKA was a Man United biggest Fan

We’ve already established that AKA loved wrestling and was a die-hard supporter of Kaizer Chiefs, but he was also a passionate supporter of Manchester United. The rapper was a huge soccer fan, especially of Man United of the English Premier League. His devotion to the team even manifested itself in a shoulder tattoo of the team.

The tattoo sparked debate among his followers, yet Supamega displayed the work of art amid Manchester United memorabilia like a pro.

When Manchester United icon Ryan Giggs visited the nation in 2019, the rapper proudly displayed his ink to him. On a V Entertainment episode, this incident occurred. [1]

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Number 4, AKA’s love life Saga

7 facts about AKA
Image of AKA with Nadia Nakai

Aka dated about four women known to the public which includes Nadia Nakai, a South African- Zimbabwean rapper. He first dated Bonang Mathebe but when they started that relationship, AKA was already dating DJ Zinhle but it wasn’t official.

Then he broke up with Bonang only to make it official with DJ Zinhle who gave birth to their daughter Kairo Forbes. After they broke up, AKA dated Anele Tembe who died after jumping off a building in Cape Town. The two were already engaged to each other by the time of her death.

Then last but not least, AKA dated Nadia Nakai, a Zimbabwean South African rapper and songwriter. They were together until the time of AKA’s death in Durban. According to recent rumors, it is believed that Nadia Nakai was already pregnant with AKAs child at the time of his death.

Number 5, Won 30 awards in his career

7 facts about AKA
Image of Kiernan Forbes’s Best Hip Hop Artist Award

The rapper had about 30 awards for his songs, collaborated songs and for himself in his two decades of hip hop career. He won these awards here in South Africa and from international award winning festivals accross Africa. These include Best Hip Hop artist, favorite South African star award, Pan African artist of the year won in Namibia and others when naming a few. [2]

Number 6, He was to own a beverage drink

AKA was looking forward to launch his own beverage drink. He announced this in May of 2022 on his Instagram page which has about 3 million followers. The award-winning rapper posted a snap holding two miniature-looking bottles on social media. The bottles were filled with a clear-looking liquid. Captioning the post, AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, wrote: “Cheers to the beginning of the new era.” By launching it, he was going to join the likes of Cassper who owns Billiato and Boit Thulo who owns BT Signature, a range of premium, superior-tasting alcoholic and non-alcoholic sparkling fruit beverages.

Number 7, Was the only famous colored rapper

Okay, this might sounds like undermining other colored rappers in South Africa, but it’s true AKA was the only international colored artist from South Africa. If a survey was to be conducted in South Africa, hip hop fans would attest to this that South Africa has lost their only colored superstar. AKA has left behind his only child and daughter Kairo Olwethu Forbes and girlfriend Nadia Nakai who is believed to be pregnant.