10 Celebs who obeyed amadlozi to be Sangomas

Celebrities who are Sangomas
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More and more SA celebrities have embraced walking in the footsteps of their forefathers. They’ve decided to obey their amadlozi spirits to become Sangomas. Some believe these are demonic callings but to them it is a calling of their gods and these celebs have accepted their ancestral calling. They’ve have shared their spiritual journeys publicly.

Lets look into Mzansi celebs who have walked their spiritual journey of becoming healers.

Number 1 is Oratile Maitise who plays Eunice in Skeem Saam

The Skeem Saam actress Oratile Maitisa, who plays the role of Eunice, accepted her spiritual calling to become a sangoma in 2021. The star told TshisaLIVE she is more than ready to embark on this journey. She shared her story with her fans that she has become a sangoma, posting images of her celebration when she donned traditional sangoma attire. She claims that her Sangoma signs began when she was still in her childhood. [ ¹]

Number 2 is Mome Nale Mahlangu

After six months of his spiritual journey the former comedian was welcomed back in his and Mome’s home. Mome took to Instagram and shared that they tried to run away from the calling for years. Mome said people should not get it twisted. They pray to God and speak to their ancestors, but they don’t impose their beliefs on people.

Number 3 is Luyanda Potwana

The TV host graduated from initiation a while back to become a traditional healer and as some may know this journey never ends. Luyanda recently shared on his Instagram that he has added some new spiritual stripes and a crown.

On number four we have Kelly Khumalo as a Sangoma

Kelly joined the Sangoma world after she received spiritual threats from her dlozis if she doesn’t take her responsibility. This happened in 2014 when a well-known Mzansi Sangoma advised Kelly Khumalo to keep her phone number secret, or else all of her future lovers would perish as a result.

According to the sangoma, she would not be able to find peace unless she accepted her responsibilities of becoming a Sangoma. So, Kelly finally accept her dlozi and she became a Sangoma. [ ²]

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Number 5 Mlungisi Mathe is also a Sangoma

Mlungisi Mathe, who plays Emkay in the Skeem Saam series, is the next SA celebrity on the list of Sangomas. The actor disclosed in a recent interview that he has followed his ancestral calling and is now a practising sangoma.

In the interview, he revealed that, in addition to being a sangoma, he is also a medium and a spiritualist: “I read books, the Bible, and interpret dreams and people’s trips.”

On number 6 we have Boity Thulo

When Boity Thulo, a well-known rapper and brand influencer, declared her desire to become a sangoma, many people were taken aback. In 2016, Boity Thulo startled the world by revealing that she was studying to become a sangoma, a traditional medicine practitioner.

Then on number 7 its Masechaba Ndlovu

Masechaba Ndlovu, a media personality, has acknowledged her ancestral calling and, like in February, revealed that she is a qualified sangoma.

Masechaba had already hinted in 2019 that she was embarking on an ancestral journey, so this is not a new event.

On number 8 its Lerato Mvelase for a Sangoma

Lerato Mvelase accepted her calling as a sangoma in 2015, and has been a consistent member of the list of SA celebrities who are sangomas since then. The actress studied traditional healing for six months. It was difficult for her to be away from her family, but it was necessary.

“It was extremely difficult for my children. Even today, my children sleep with me. So for them to wake up and find out that mommy isn’t there was very difficult for them after six months of me being gone, but kids are actually very understanding. In 2018, she told Metro FM that “we don’t give them enough credit.”

Our 9th celeb is Buhle Mda

Buhle Mda of The Soil took a sabbatical from her music career in 2016 to attend sangoma initiation school. Seven months later, she graduated and joined the ranks of South African celebrities who are sangomas.

Buhle stated in an interview that she has always been a healer. “I was destined to be a healer.” I was already healing when I went in for initiation. If God or my forefathers tell me to do something, I’ll follow through.”

The tenth Celeb is Baby Cele

Cele spent the first three decades of her life debating whether or not she should accept her destiny as a Sangoma. She did, however, change her mind in May 2004. The actress was said to have finally accepted to the call because she was afraid that if she didn’t, her family would be “wiped out.”

According to the actress, she initially refused to accept the calling because she was afraid it would interfere with her career, but she was forced to accept after her brother and sister, Thembinkosi and Zodwa, respectively, died in strange circumstances. Her mother, like her grandfather, who was an inyanga, was a Sangoma. [ ³]

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