10 Celebs who are Sangomas P2

  1. Dakalo Molope
  2. Dineo Langa
  3. Solo Langa
  4. Latoya Makhene
  5. Zola 7
  6. Nandi Nyembe
  7. Zodwa Wabantu
  8. Dineo Ranaka
  9. Nokuthula Mavuso
  10. Masechaba Khumalo
  11. Shoki Mmola

Number 10 Dakalo Molope

Dakalo Molope known as Mo from Scandal is a Sangoma!
Dakalo Molope known as Mo from Scandal is a Sangoma!

Dakalo Molope who is a South African actress best known for playing the role of Mo in e.tv soapie opera Scandal revealed in her recent social media posts that she is a Sangoma. Despite being a 16 year old Dakalo has accepted her calling as a Sangoma. By doing so she joined the list of celebs who are Sangomas.

She is not ashamed of her Sangoma calling thus she post often about her calling on all most all her social media platforms.

In 2021, she answered her calling and went to ephehlweni, an initiation school to learn and understand her gift and calling. She was even given a new name called Mkhulu Phahla Metsing, which comes with responsibilities of being a Sangoma. During her initiation, she had to juggle school, work, and initiation school. It was not easy for her but she had to reflect and make peace with the fact that she is not like other teenagers.

Number 9 Dineo Langa and Solo Langa

Dineo Langa and Solo Langa are actors who are Sangomas
Dineo Langa and Solo Langa are celebs who are Sangomas.

A popular South African actress, singer, dancer, and television presenter Dineo Langa revealed that herself and her husband Solo Langa are Sangomas. Its rare to find that couples are both Sangomas but with the Langas it became their norm.

They revealed this in 2019 claiming to have accepted their ancestral calling of becoming sangomas. According to sources Dineo and Solo got married in 2019 and surprisingly the same year they both accepted their ancestral calling of becoming Sangomas

Number 8 Latoya Makhene

Latoya Makhene is one of the actors who are Sangomas
Latoya Makhene is one of the celebs who are Sangomas.

An actress, social media personality and singer Latoya Makhene has been a Sangoma for more than two decades according to Timeslive. She kept her Sangoma job underground until she revealed it in 2022 to media sources.

Opening up to TshisaLIVE, the actress revealed her journey started at the time when the stigma was still strong around ubungoma.

“At some point we needed to get to a place where there wasn’t this stigma when it comes to Bongaka. I remember 20 years ago I was going into initiation school, the stigma around having to answer my calling, and that’s a painful thing to go through. For people to say these people are dirty, they smell, they are this and that.”

Number 7 is Zola 7

Zola 7 is one of the celebs who are sangomas
Zola 7 is one of the celebs who are sangomas.

Bonginkosi Dlamini, popularly known as Zola 7, is a South African kwaito musician, actor, writer, TV presenter and poet. He began his career as an actor, achieving national recognition in the television series yizo yizo. Despite fame and national recognition, Zola 7 accepted his ancestral calling in 2021 according to News24.

According to other sources his new calling was revealed by two celebrity sources who allege to be clients of the legendary star at his home in Melville, Johannesburg. Affectionately known as Guluva, among millions of his fans, was, however only available for consultation with a select few during days of revealing his calling to the public.

Number 6 Nandi Nyembe

Nandi Nyemebe is a Sangoma
Nandi Nyemebe is a Sangoma. One among celebs who are Sangomas.

Nandi Nyembe  is a South African actress known for her roles in the sports drama Zone 14, and Soul City. In 2021 she joined House of Zwide but the character she played in the series was killed off. The actress who is 72 years old is a Sangoma in real life and fans are astonished but she has decades since she became a Sangoma.

Nyembe practiced sangoma (Medium/phycic) since she was a teenager. She had her sangoma initiation when she was only 17. Before knowing she was a sangoma she suffered a serious illness, as a result of being able to connect with the spirits of people who died on the road. In addition she told Time Lives Magazine about the illness.

“I was sick and my mother had to take me to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. At some point, doctors had to test my urine and surprisingly it came out with soil but there was nothing wrong with me,” Nyembe’s daughter also practiced sangoma, though she has stopped.

Number 5 is Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa wa Bantu is one of Celebs who are Sangoma
Zodwa wa Bantu is one of Celebs who are Sangoma.

Zodwa Rebecca Libram who is a South African media personality, socialite and dancer best known as Zodwa Zodwa wa Bantu is also a Sangoma. Fans were astonished to see Zodwa shaving her head and posting wearing sangoma regalia gear. They wondered if she was a Sangoma or she was just acting.

In January 2022, she posted pictures holding two horns and inside a river with traditional sangoma gear, captioned, “Nkosazana Yamanzi”.

“I am currently in the process of accepting my ancestors.  But I was advised not to rush myself. My calling is not necessary to go somewhere and thwasa but I should wait, everything will be revealed to me at the right time. But I went to Phahla emamzini (Pray in water), and my ancestor is Inkosaza ya yamanzi (Princess of the water),” she says.

Number 4. Dineo Ranaka

Image of Dineo Ranaka who is a Sangoma
Image of Dineo Ranaka who is a Sangoma.

Dineo is known as a South African actress, DJ, Media personality and presenter came out in 2021 as a Sangoma. She was told by other spiritualist and mediums that she had ancestral calling but she chose to embrace it later in 2021. She embraced her calling by completing her ancestral training and becoming a traditional healer and is known as Gogo Somahashe.

Ranaka narrated how at first she fell ill in her early 20s, which led to a traumatic hospitalisation with doctors not knowing the reasons behind some of her illnesses. She said her illness evoked dreams and visions.

“The manner in which certain obstacles presented themselves in my life has been something of a phenomenon. My intuition is an irregular and very heightened intuition… I’d dream with my eyes wide open,” the 37-year-old said.

Number 3 Nokuthula Mavuso

Nokuthula Mavuso is a Sangoma
Nokuthula Mavuso is a Sangoma

Nokuthula Mavuso known as a South African actress who played Tsidi Khuse in etv’s former drama Rhythm City is also a Sangoma. In July 2021 she revealed that it has been long running away from her ancestral calling and had made peace with it.

When Nokuthula was asked what signs did she get that confirmed that she had the calling, she said, “Too many to mention. ‘Dreaming’ while awake. Knowing names of people I had no business knowing. Things that happened in the past or what was to happen in the future. Dreaming of herbs, etc”

Nokuthula’s revelation was met with praise, although some tweeps did not shy away from mentioning that every celebrity is answering an ancestral calling these days. Which makes people wonder if some celebrities are truly called or they have turned this into some sort of fashionable thing, a trend that they are following. [1]

Number 2 is Masechaba Khumalo

Masechaba Khumalo is one the celebs who are Sangomas
Masechaba Khumalo is one the celebs who are Sangomas.

In 2019 Masechaba Khumalo who was a controversial TV and radio presenter later turned government spokesperson, accepted her ancestral calling. She got got tongues wagging when she posted pictures on social media that suggested that she had accepted the calling to become a Sangoma.

Some of the pictures she posted featured celebrity Sangoma Gogo Dineo where she said she is a friend and teacher. Sources close to her say she underwent Ntwaso where she spent months training .

Number 1 Shoki Mmola

Image Shoki Mmola is a Sangoma
Image Shoki Mmola is a Sangoma.

Shoki Mmola is a South African actress. She is famous for her acting role of Celia Kunutu the mother and stepmother of Rachel Kunutu and Nimrod Kunutu respectively in the soap, Skeem Saam.

Shoki reveals to Move! that she just graduated as a registered traditional healer – meaning she can now issue sick notes to those she consults.

“I’m practising full-time and I have qualified to give people sick notes. Anyone that comes to me I am registered as a traditional healer. It was quite an achievement,” she excitedly reveals.

She is the first to point out that her work as a sangoma has no working hours but assures that she manages just fine.



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