Who was Danielle Antoinette Thomas, Willbur Smith’s wife?


Danielle Antoinette Thomas was a Zambian born author and teacher who was married to a Zambian-born British-South African novelist Wilbur Addison Smith. She did some research for her author husband, Wilbur Smith for over twenty years.

She was known for writing and publishing four novels which are, CHILDREN OF THE DARKNESS, VOICES IN THE WIND, CRY OF SILENCE, and DRUMBEAT.

Biography Facts

Image of Danielle Antoinette Thomas, the wife of Willbur Smith
Image of Danielle Antoinette Thomas, the wife of Willbur Smith.

Full name: Danielle Antoinette Thomas
Gender: Female
Born: Zambia
Nationality: Zambian
Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Author
Husband: Wilbur Addison Smith
Children: 1

Early life of Danielle Antoinette Thomas

Danielle Antoinette Thomas was born in Zambia of British and Welsh or Irish parents. This is where she grew up and probably had most of her childhood. She was sent to boarding school at the age of 6 and she had marvellous experience when visiting home.

Growing up in Zambia, Danielle used to go to camps and swim in the crocodile infested rivers. She would carry piece of bamboo, with a piece of string and a little hook on it, trying to catch fish.

Education of Danielle Thomas

She had her basic education in the accredited schools of Zambia of British. She then enrolled at the University of Cape Town where she obtained her degree.

Acting career of Danielle Antoinette Thomas

After finishing her tertiary education she went on to teach for fifteen years, showing a special interest in the education of ‘difficult’ children. For the past twenty-seven years she did research for her author husband, Wilbur Smith.

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She also wrote her own books and novels which are; CHILDREN OF THE DARKNESS, VOICES IN THE WIND, CRY OF SILENCE, and DRUMBEAT. The books became a huge success and are all available in good book shops. She got the inspiration of becoming an author from her own husband whom she worked for.

Her comments on safety in the wild

“It was beautiful and safe. If you wandered away from camp, and you were found by tribesmen, then they would walk miles to bring you back to your own camp. There was no case of being murdered, or anything which modern society brings with it. We just didn’t have seem to have the evils the we do today.” Said Danielle.

Personal life and marriage of Danielle Antoinette Thomas

Danielle was married to Wilbur Addison Smith. The couple got married in 1971. When Danielle tied a knot with Willbur, she had a son from the previous marriage by the name of Dieter. In 2002, Danielle’s son Dieter accused his step father, Willbur Addison, of operating under a false name in an attempt to hide his wealth from his former wives and children. [ ¹]

Danielle Antoinette Thomas’ death

Danielle fell ill of cancer in the last six years of her life. She was sent to hospital where she spent almost a year in a coma before she passed away.
She died from cancer related illness specifically brain tumour on 29 December 1999. [ ²]

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