Meet Teenage Dladla former footballer for Kaizer Chiefs full Biography

Nelson “Teenage” Dladla, a retired South African soccer player who played as a midfielder for Kaizer Chiefs and Pilkington Young Brothers, was born on June 10, 1954. He used to play for Kaizer Chiefs and wore the storied number 11. He continued to work for his former team as manager after retirement.

Biography profile of Teenage Dladla

Teenage Dladla Biography
Image of Nelson Dladla

Full name : Nelson Teenage Dladla
Gender : Male
Age : 69 years old
Date of birth : 10 June 1954
Place of birth : KwaThemba, South Africa
Nationality : South African
Occupation : former football player
Position : Midfielder

Early life

Teenage Dladla was born on the 10nth of June 1954 he is currently 69 years old. He was born in KwaThemba, South Africa. Nothing much is known about his background or his parents will give you update as soon as possible. [1]

Recruitment of Dladla

Teenage Dladla Biography
Image of teenage alongside Khama Billiat

After the training session on August 10, 1976, Ewert Nene travelled to Kwa-Thema to discuss Dladla’s move. Nene, who was visiting the Dladla home with Jan Lechaba, his newest Chiefs recruit, sent a youngster to call Teenage from the residence. Three guys stormed out of Dladla’s home and confronted the two as they waited inside Nene’s brand-new white BMW 518. The men, according to accounts, were there to bring cash to Dladla’s mother in the wake of a game his former team (PUBS) played the previous weekend. According to reports, Nene attempted to leave in the car, but one of the men a PUBS officer by the name of Mathebula took the keys.

Nene and Lechaba rushed out of the car and fled in opposite ways out of fear for their lives. The three men pursued Nene along the street. Solomon Ndlovu, a 17-year-old teammate of Dladla’s who was a part of the pursuing group, drew a knife and stabbed Nene once they caught up with him. The two adults in the chasing group claimed that as they got ready to discuss their “grievance” with Nene, the acts of the 17-year-old caught them off guard. After the stabbing, Mathebula, assailant Ndlovu, and a second person used Mathebula’s car to transport Nene to the Far East Rand Hospital. Nene was declared dead when they arrived. [2]

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Teenager, 17, turned himself in to police. Due of his youth, he was found guilty and received a 4-year term for culpable homicide. The extent to which the actions of the group’s adult men might have prevented the 17-year-old from acting out is still a matter of debate today. This was encouraged by rumours that one of the males in the group, Mathebula, was seen chasing after a knob-kierie. Later, in the early 1980s, Nene’s assassin (Ndlovu) would return to play for PUBS, with whom he faced Chiefs were headed by Dladla on several occasions.

Personal life of Teenage Dladla

We don’t know whether he is married or not at the moment. But by his age he must have children and grandchildren. Nothing much is known about his family but we promise to update you as we find information. [3]


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