Shepherd Bushiri denies having five illegal passports

Shepherd Bushiri - ECG
Shepherd Bushiri

The so-called prophet and man of God, Shepherd Bushiri has replied to minister of Home Affairs, Aaron Motshoaledi’s allegations against him that he has got five passports. In a post he released this morning on his Facebook page Shepherd Bushiri denied that he has got five illegal passports. Of which he did not completely deny but has got an explanation for possessing these passports.

Shepherd Bushiri who is well known as Papa by his church members was arrested few months ago for money laundering and fraud. He was latter released on bail but escaped to Malawi. When he escaped, he claimed that he was running away not from the law but for his life since there are people in South Africa who wanted to kill him.

Shepherd Bushiri Praying
Shepherd Bushiri Praying

So yesterday, on 17 November 2020, the Minister of Home Affairs in South Africa, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, MP, addressed the Portfolio Committee in Parliament that oversees and holds the Minister to account on issues relating to his ministry, amongst others, immigration.

The minister stated that Bushiri and his wife misled the Home Affairs ministry to issue them incorrect permits. Therefore, the Home Affairs of South Africa revoke those permits.

The minister went on to say that Bushiri and his wife has got five passports, which were not issued by South African Home Affairs but by Malawi. And the minister added that these passports proves how dodge Bushiri and his wife are. He also said that the couple left the country without using any of those passports.

So, this morning, the 18th of November 2020, the self-acclaimed prophet, Shepherd Bushiri wrote on his Facebook page that he is innocent pertaining all allegations imposed on him. He also said that the five passports that the minister is talking about are old passports. Three of those have expired and one is diplomatic passport while another one is a normal passport.

“For the record, my wife and have 5 passports each, one of which is a diplomatic passport and one is a normal passport. we submitted all these passports to the Investigating Officer in South Africa.

Because we are frequent travelers due to the work of our ministry, the other passports are full, however, they have international visas and hence we kept them. There is nothing sinister about that. Even the Immigration Department in Malawi has attested to that.” Said Bushiri.

Bushiri went to say that he went to Malawi to seek justice not political intervention. The Papa and founder of ECG believes that justice system of Malawi protect its citizens thus he went back for refugee. He also said he is innocent until proven guilty.

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