5 Richest House Wives of Durban

The real House wives of Durban is a big shot show airing on Dstv and Showmax. It has one of the richest housewives in Durban and in this we will look at 5 of the richest house wives of Durban.

1. Nonku Williams

Richest House Wives of Durban
Image of Nonku Williams

South African entrepreneur and reality television personality Nonku Williams. She rose to stardom after joining The Real Housewives of Durban. Nonku, a devout single mother of three kids, puts a lot of effort into raising her kids. Nonku Williams’ $1.2 Million net worth demonstrates this.

Her 14-year-old eldest daughter, Nothile Williams, has a contentious paternity history. Nonku Williams dropped a massive bomb during the opening episode of the first season of the show, shocking the audience. She disclosed that her oldest daughter was in fact the wife’s offspring from her co-star Ayande Ncwane. Sfiso Ncwane, Ayande Ncwane’s spouse, and Nonku shared a daughter as a result of their relationship.

Nonku Williams received criticism in season 2 when she demanded Ayande Ncwane make amends for the harm her deceased spouse caused them by giving birth to and then abandoning their daughter. Ayanda’s supporters swiftly sided with her, arguing that the businesswoman wasn’t to blame for the pregnancy in the first place because she wasn’t the one who caused it. [1]

2. Ayanda Ncwane Net Worth

Richest House Wives of Durban
Image of Ayanda Ncwane

Fans would undoubtedly be curious about how much she is truly worth given that she is the wife of a well-known South African Gospel musician. The estimated value of Ayanda Ncwane’s net worth is $2 million. She took over as CEO of Ncwane Communications when her late husband Sfiso Ncwane passed away in 2016 from kidney disease.

She is the proud mother of two sons and a wonderful, devoted wife. Through all of the different issues she was involved in, she stood by her husband. Despite being called a gold digger and being aware that her husband had other children outside of marriage, she stayed. Ayanda is a woman who wants to be seen as a typical housewife and given that identity.

She left the show after season 1 because, in her opinion, she was only ever shown as the late Sfiso Ncwane’s widow and a typical housewife. The program had disregarded her other accomplishments and the fact that she is a strong working mother who balances her role as a single mother with her job as CEO of Ncwane Communications and her other enterprises. [2]

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3. Kgomotso Ndungane

Richest House Wives of Durban
Image of Kgomotso Ndungane

The net worth of reality star Kgomotso Ndungane is a topic of much fan curiosity. The estimated net worth of Kgomotso Ndungane is $650,000. This University of Pretoria information technology graduate is a successful businesswoman who overcame the pandemic’s hurdles. After her event
She is a reality television celebrity, a businesswoman, a mother of two, and the wife of former rugby union player Odwa Ndungane. Kgomoto is undoubtedly a character in the show that we should keep an eye on.

4. Sorisha Naidoo

Richest House Wives of Durban
Image of Sorisha Naidoo

One of the wealthiest cast members of the South African Real Housewives franchise is likely Sorisha Naidoo. Her net worth, which is estimated to be approximately $13 Million, is the fruit of many years of toil. She began her career as a radio host before trying her luck in beauty pageants. She was named Miss India South Africa in 2002 and finally placed in the Top 10 at Miss India World, catapulting her career.

She is the CEO of her own business, SSBO Skin Care brand, which sells skincare products aimed at removing blemishes and evening out skin tone. Her company, Umhlanga Laser & Aesthetic Clinic, is also hers.

She is the wife of South African millionaire Vivian Reddy and the mother of two children. Her Instagram account is secret since she has a very private personality.

5. Annie Ludick Net Worth

Richest House Wives of Durban
Image of Sorisha Naidoo

The Real Housewives of Durban star Annie Ludick has an estimated net worth of $600,000 thousand. She is fondly Ms Annmbition, since she is a driven woman. This can be seen in her courage to open South Africa’s only pink luxury salon.

Annie is a graduate of Peterborough Regional College in England and is married to one of South Africa’ prominent media moguls, Kgolo Mthembu. She is a mother a proud mother of three. [3]