Prince Kaybe trends after cheating WhatsApp texts went viral

Prince Kaybee, Prince Kaybe real name Kabelo Motsamai
Kabelo Motsamai aka Prince Kaybee trends for cheating

Prince Kaybe in hot water for cheating after WhatsApp texts with a side chick went viral

Prince Kaybe has been accused of cheating his girlfriend recently, after WhatsApp texts which were showing that he was chatting to another lady arranging for a meeting. The WhatsApp texts were showing a love vibe between the two individuals. Because Kaybee started the conversation by calling the lady “babe, Kaybee here” and she replied by saying “hi love”, this proved that there is something going on.

Prince Kaybee, Prince Kaybe cheating WhatsApp texts

Someone will say that’s not enough evidence of cheating. Yes, that’s true because there is more to this. The lady whom Kaybee has been cheating with went on to release a phone video screen capture showing that she has been dating Prince Kaybee for more than since four years, that is since 2016.

Here is the video published by MzanziTrend, it contains texts that Prince Kaybee has been cheating

One might be wondering who is Prince Kaybe

Prince Kaybee and Girlfriend Zolani cheating WhatsApp texts
Prince Kaybee and Girlfriend happy moments

Prince Kaybe is a South African Disc Jockey, musician and artist whose real name is Kabelo Motsamai born 1989. He was currently dating a South African actress and TV presenter Zolani Ayabulela Mhlongo.

Now Zolani received shocking news about her boyfriend Kaybee who has been cheating on her for about five years.
The lady who cheated with Prince Kaybee did not reveal her identity but called herself “hot and served”.

Prince Kaybee denies that he has been cheating his girlfriend

Despite the evidence, the 31 year old Prince Kaybee is denying all these cheating allegations. He is saying he should stop calling women “babe”!

Social media has reacted about this trending story

Some social media users has reacted about the Kaybee cheating news. Most people are saying Kaybee is not appreciative, why cheat if he had a beautiful girlfriend and a good relationship. Check the comments below.

“Haibo Prince Kaybee I loved them together with Zola and they looked happy. Men will post you while cheating on you shem, the audacity!!” Said Zethu @MsNfulini.

“I wonder how Zola feels about this Prince Kaybee situation , imagine being posted on the TL jikijiki same man who posted you is being accused of cheating on u.” Commented @ShaunKeyz

“Someone please tell Prince Kaybee to stop because the more he’s trying to explain; the more that hun is releasing concrete evidence.” Nonto @Nonto_Ngwenya said.

“Post her regularly on social media to “remove suspicion.
So u can cheat in peace.
– Prince Kaybee
” said Jan Van Potgieter

And Teddy @TeddyZarBillion said,
“I tried saving Zola last year from Prince kaybee but instead she blocked me. Look now Prince kaybee is cheating on her. I knew she was a rebound.
Zola I’m still available babe I can be your Prince,” [1]


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