Mapule Mofole has been featured in a short film called Manong

Mapula Mofole who act on etv mid-week soap Rhythm city as Mapula has been featured in a film called Manong. The short film is a Leburugraphy short film. The Rhythm City star is acting as a School child on the film. Its quite obvious that the character of School Child suits her very well since she looks ten to fifteen years younger than her age.

We don’t have details of where the film is being short and when it will be released, but the 30-year-old lady, Mapula, went to social media to share that she is going back to school on “Manong” Leburugraphy short film.

This means she is acting as a school girl on the film, and one tweep replied to Mapula’s tweet saying “[you] shud stay in skull it suits u”. Other tweeps were more positive congratulating her for getting a good role on the film, while others were praising her for maintaining her weight which makes her look younger than herself.

Commenting on her teenager looks, one tweep said, “Whatever you eat or do to have such teen girly looks….. I surrender. Keep it up”.

Check out Mapula’s tweet and the comments she received for her role on the new short film which she said is coming soon. Don’t forget to leave your comment on the comment section below to tell us your thoughts on Mapula’s career and looks.

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