Latoya Lucket and Tommicus are getting a divorce

Latoya Lucket and Tommicus are getting a divorce after three years in their union.

Latoya Lucket announced yesterday that she getting a divorce with her husband Tommicus Walker after being married for three years. The two are getting a divorce after being blessed with two kids in their marriage.

Below is her post on Instagram announcing the divorce;

“After a very prayerful consideration, Tommicus and I have decided to get a divorce. It is my deepest desire for us to be loving co-parents and keep a peaceful environment out of respect for our children. Please understand our need for privacy. Thank you in advance for your prayers, support and space to heal as we tread through this challenging time.”

Latoya 39 and Tommicus 40 got married in December 2017 in Texas Hills country. They announced their marriage in August 2017 after Tommicus surprisingly proposed Latoya on her birthday.

After the marriage, Latoya Lucket went public about how grateful she was for receiving an answer to her prayers. But things have turned out otherwise in the end. The reason behind their divorce has not yet been known but some believes it is because Mr Walker has been cheating on her wife.