Matseke Zulu explains why he left Gomora

The fans of Matseke Zulu were concerned about him leaving Gomora and couldn’t get a reason on why he was leaving the show. So Matseke made a statement on 22 November to make his exit transparent to the viewers and fans of Gomora. The statement below belongs to Israel Makoe Matseke Zulu explain why he left Gomora.

Israel Matseke Zulu Statement on leaving Gomora

Israel Matseke's statement on leaving Gomora
Israel Matseke’s statement on leaving Gomora.

I have been inundated with messages from my concerned fans and friends over the reports of my illness and subsequent departure from the TV drama series Gomora. It is true that I have been diagnosed with a disease which severely affected the functioning of my legs making it difficult for me to walk properly and function well on set during the filming. It also makes it difficult for me to perform as an artist, or throw in those Ghetto Professors dance moves that you know me for when invited to gigs.

The growing demands of my job at Gomora made it difficult for me to give my all to the show due to this illness that effectively rendered me semi-crippled. The illness started shortly after I joined Gomora, as some mild pain in my legs which I took as a passing phase.

I love Gomora as a show which I have been close to from its inception, more so that it’s set up in my hood Alexandra township.

At the same time I am the kind of actor who when I do what I like I want to be able to go full force, give it my all.

I wasn’t able to do so in the last few months before I requested to be written off from the show. I appreciate the show producers and fellow actors for their understanding and for carrying me until the end.

Matseke continued by apologizing and showing gratitude

I apologise to the multitudes of my fans for my exit and hope you continue to support the show, especially the young crop of actors who are really doing their best to make it exciting.

l am currently receiving the best medical treatment, and I am in high spirits having passed what I believe to be the worst stage of my situation.

I thank everyone for the kind messages and prayers during this time. I thank my family and friends for the support and being by my side. My God and ancestors are working wonders on me. I can assure you, GP-MaOrange will be back very soon! Spirit!