Makhadzi great career achievements

Makhadzi whose real name is Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona has been on the headlines of entertainment since her release of Matorokisi and her latest hit Ghanama. Her career began in 2012 and she has never looked back. The collection of her albums includes Shumela Venda (2018), Matorokisi (2019), Kokovha (Crawl) and her latest African Queen (2021). So we are going to look at how much did she achieved in the past 9 years of her career.

The following are the Makhadzi great career achievement:

Makhadzi as African Queen
African Queen album picture cover!

Awards of Makhadzi

Makhadzi has won so many awards in the music industry within a short period of time. In 2017 she won Limpopo Music Awards, held at Meropa Casino Hotel, for her song Yo Shoma.

In 2018 she won four TSHIMA (Tshivenda Music Awards) for her song Tshanda Iya, which were all category’s she was nominated for.

These included:

Best Tshivenda Female Artist of the Year: Makhadzi; Best Tshivenda Dance Artist/Album of the Year; Tshivenda Song of the Year: Makhadzi; and Best Tshivenda Artist of the Year: Makhadzi.¹

In June 2021 she was nominated for Best Music Video Award at Mzansi Kwaito & House Music Awards. Then in September 2021 she was nominated for three prestigious awards at AFRIMA (All Africa Music Awards). This was for Artist of the Year; Best Artist, Duo or Group in Africa Electro; and Best Female Artist in Southern Africa. Then in November she won best artiste and duo or group in African electro category for her hit song Murahu at the All Africa Music Awards (Afrima) 2021 awards. ²

Makhadzi appeared on UK Magazines

Makhadzi on UK Magazines cover
Matorokisi singer on United Kingdom Magazines

Makhadzi has also appeared on UK Magazines this year (2021). She has been on headlines throughout the year and we can as well call it Makhadzi Year. In Mid 2021 she was humiliated through social media because of her high pigmented inner thighs exposed during her stage performance. With that no body would’ve thought she will appeare on the cover of Classique magazine in UK.

Million Dollar (Rands) Deals

Makhadzi signed a R120 Million deal with sports shoe maker Kicks. The deal will see Kicks manufacture and market sportswear branded Kokovha, the name of her previous album. Makhadzi believes naming her album Kokovha was a genius moment as it has opened doors for her. ³

Traveling the world

Makhadzi has traveled around Africa performing her music. She has been to Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. When she visited Zimbabwe, the money which was agreed to be set on the table for Makhadzi’s Zim performance was R300K but to her surprise she was offered R1.5 million. Makhadzi was very grateful since she used to perform for free in the dust roads and villages to perform for millions.

Networth of Makhadzi, cars and houses

Makhadzi net worth 2021 is estimated to be around $400,000 which is approximately R5.7 million South African Rands. Her main source of income is from her music career. She managed to build a house for her mother, grandmother and father. She also bought herself a house probably worth millions.

“Hey listen! I am 25 years and I managed to build 4 houses House building congratulations to my self NDITOFPFI MUFUKADZI WA VHUTALI,” said Makhadzi on her Twitter page.

“My dream was to see my parents and my grandmother living a better life.”

“I didn’t care about wearing expensive clothes but to make sure that all my family have a place to sleep and hide hunger and God chose me to make a difference. When you pray and work hard everything is possible”, she added.