Imbewu Highlights March 2022

Highlights on Imbewu this month of March 2022. From episode 1012 to episode 1034.

Imbewu Spoilers for March 2022
Imbewu Spoilers for March 2022

First week on Imbewu (from 1st March to 4 March 2022)

Shria is chastised for putting Maluju in danger, and a formal hearing is convened to question her further about her actions and motives. Khanyo is sweating bullets as the prosecutor grills her in court. Maharaj continues to plan and scheme against Maluju. The state prosecutor makes a persuasive case in court for why Khanyo murdered Thokozile, and the family is concerned that she will go to prison. Maharaj has been freed from prison and intends to make his first trip at the Rampersads. What is Maharaj’s plan?

Tensions in the courtroom increase as Jason grills Khanyo with questions and provides fresh medical data that may influence the judge’s decision. “They have begun a conflict,” Nirupa says at the Rampersad residence, referring to Shria’s suspension. Shria accuses Makhosazana of pursuing her job in Maluju Oil. Shria feels humiliated when she loses her cool in front of her coworkers. Meanwhile, Zakithi keeps pushing the notion of taking over Maluju at Shongololo Oil, but Zithulele isn’t interested.

Second week on Imbewu (from 7 March to 11 March 2022)

Maluju’s woes are exacerbated when the trucks vanish and they are left without insurance. After the court case, the Bhengu family is still tense. Duduzile is asked to assist Sebenzile in reviving the church, and kaMadonsela is asked to reduce the noise of her graduation preparations to a minimum.

Buhle’s family is taken aback when they find he’s dating an older man. When initiates from kaMadonsela’s graduation ceremony disrupt a prayer session, Phakade and Sebenzile’s delight is short-lived, and Duduzile discovers Phakade’s pledge to keep the sangoma practice away was a lie. Phakade is enraged and disrupts the graduation ceremony, kicking out the Gobela’s and initiates.

When Shria discovers that Maluju is planning to sue her for the money she has cost them, she becomes enraged and confronts Maluju. She grudgingly seeks Maharaj’s assistance. At Mbumbulu Khanyo, her father’s attitude of her mother is described as weak and callous. Maharaj plays his hand, luring Shria closer by releasing Maluju from his shackles. Sebenzile and Phakade enjoy some peaceful, romantic time together. Buhle insists that her relationship with Xolani has nothing to do with Ngcolosi’s disappearance.

Third week on Imbewu (from 14 March to 18 March 2022)

Sebenzile receives an unexpected call from Nhlakanipho and is forced to tell Phakade the truth. Sebenzile’s earlier debts are now coming back to haunt her; she owes Nhlakanipho money, which she must repay or face the consequences. Maharaj would go to any length to gain Shria’s affection at the Rampersad mansion. Maharaj still wants to be Shria’s hero father, so he interrupts Shria’s joyful supper with Jason and promises her that he can cure all of her problems, leaving her torn. Will Shria succumb to Maharaj’s nefarious ways?

The first church concert auditions are held in Sebenzile, and things go south. Sebenzile gives up; plainly, this isn’t working, but her problems are far from finished, as Nhlakanipho pursues her. Khanyo is there to assist KaMadonsela as she celebrates her graduation. Khanyo has been tasked with hiding kaMadonsela’s inyongo as part of kaMadonsela’s graduation ceremonial. To the surprise of the crowd, kaMadonsela locates it quickly. When she performs her graduation dance, she breaks down in tears.

Nhlakanipho’s chorus impresses Phakade, but Sebenzile is concerned as Nhlakanipho approaches. Maharaj tries to get closer to Shria by using his shady connections. Maharaj must leave Shria’s life, according to Nirupa. Is Maharaj convinced that he and Nirupa are destined to be together?

The fourth week of Imbewu (21 March to 25 March 2022)

As they momentarily contact, there is a searing spark between Khanyo and Sifiso. Nkululeko’s worst dread comes realized at the awards presentation. Maharaj congratulates Shria, but something he says makes her nervous. She inquires if the prize was rigged in her favor, which Maharaj confirms. Sebenzile is upset because she was given a bloodied knife.

Despite Nirupa’s objections, Shria invites Maharaj to supper at the Rampersads. Yuveer resents his father’s devotion to Shria. Sifiso’s spending time in the church irritates Zakithi. Imbewu is in a panic because Maharaj is having convulsions and is on the floor. The story of Phakade’s church’s miraculous cure has spread, and more people are flocking to the church.

Sebenzile wants to create a new church account for contributions and promises to get Nhlakanipho his money. Nkululeko declares war on Rwanda, as Zakithi and Zithulele celebrate their progress with the Rwandans.

Fifty Week on Imbewu (from 28 March to 31 March)

At the Bhengu breakfast table, there is a lot of tension. Nkululeko holds maZulu responsible for Shongololo’s victory. With Maharaj present, Nirupa feels like a prisoner in her own house. Shria is gonna meet the rest of Maharaj’s family. Nirupa tells Nkululeko to not give up on the investigating the trucks and how the problem was solved so quickly. Will Nirupa be able to obtain the ammo she needs to eliminate Maharaj?

When Nkululeko finds that Shria may have blood links to Maharaj, he and maZulu decide to keep a close check on both of them. Sebenzile is caught in a blackmail trap by Nhlakanipho, who reminds her to pay the money. Shria is curious whether Maharaj was engaged in fixing the truck problem. When Makhosazana discovers that Maluju’s server was hacked, Nkululeko takes it as proof that Shria is working with Maharaj to set them up.

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