Hosue of Zwide Teasers March 2022

Hosue of Zwide Teasers March 2022. Highlights on House of Zwide this month of March 2022. From episode 162 to episode 180.

House of Zwide cast
House of Zwide Teasers for March 2022.

First week on House of Zwide (from 1st March to 4 March 2022)

Nikiwe breaks her contract with Alex after witnessing Funani’s outfit. When Laz learns that the interns are still working on his line, she is moved. When Nikiwe arrives at HOZ, she challenges Funani to collaborate with her. Shoki and Nkosi are both on the same dating app. Funani takes a life-changing decision when it comes to working with Nikiwe. Soka is undecided about who he should invite to his graduation.

Shoki and Nkosi’s tinder battles are still going on. With Nikiwe, Funani takes a tremendous risk. Soka is still having trouble with his graduation concerns. When Nkosi sees Shoki with a new guy, he becomes envious. Funani is convinced that he has the greatest design for Nikiwe, but she despises them all.

Nkosi decides to leave Jo’burg to reinvent himself.

Second week on House of Zwide (from 7 March to 11 March 2022)

When Nikiwe requests that they start over, Funani and Nikiwe get into a fight. Laz attempts to persuade Nina to participate in the photo shoot. Ona must make a decision between Soka and her job. Nikiwe and Funani’s relationship becomes too strained, and Faith is concerned that it may ruin the sale. Soka is merciless when Ona arrives late for the graduation. When Nikiwe apologizes for her outburst, she astounds Funani.

Funani and Nikiwe build their new friendship as Nkosi prepares for a life-changing relocation, while Ona and Soka’s relationship continues to fall apart as Soka considers a breakup.

As Nikiwe and Funani begin to bond, faith becomes shaky. Ona and Soka retrace their steps back to one another. Nkosi says a tearful goodbye to Shoki. Shoki and Nkosi rekindle their affection for one another. Funani fantasizes about a future in which his daughter is still alive. An old face reappears, upsetting the newly found tranquility.


Third week on House of Zwide (from 14 March to 18 March 2022)

Mampho gets into an argument with Zanele because she wants to see Nkosi. Faith learns of Funani and Nikiwe’s conversation and arranges a meeting with Nikiwe. When Mampho says she’s pregnant, Nkosi is taken aback. Nkosi seeks answers from Mampho, but is concerned about the outcome. Nikiwe is confronted about her connection with Funani by Faith. Rea is compelled to conduct a Molefe intervention.

Funani and Faith are having a furious debate. Funani and Nikiwe refuse to succumb to temptation. With the interns, Mampho comes knocking for a place to stay.

After a big (and unsolved) dispute, Faith and Funani’s relationship suffers significant consequences, presumably driving him towards Nikiwe. The paternity test is taken by Mampho. Molefe finds a way to contact Dorothy, but she informs him that she will never talk to him again. Faith’s anguish over Funani and Nikiwe’s infatuation is at an all-time high. When the DNA test confirms Mampho’s kid is his, Nkosi is taken aback. To get over Dorothy, Molefe starts drinking heavily.

The fourth week of House of Zwide (21 March to 25 March 2022)

Funani and Nikiwe agree that they have a connection, but they are afraid of being discovered. As a result of Nkosi’s deception, a possibly unexpected conclusion is reached. Despite Dorothy’s vow to avoid men, Molefe is determined to win her back. Faith is sad and seeks Isaac’s advice. Laz provides a shoulder for Mampho to grieve on, as well as nudging a conflicted Nkosi to do the right thing. Molefe writes Dorothy a sincere love letter.

Nkosi devises a strategy to eliminate Mampho. With some timely guidance, Lazarus comes through for Mampho. Molefe’s love letter had an impact on Dorothy. In their marriage, Funani and Faith have reached a terrible fork in the road. Mampho, according to Nkosi, has more bite than bark. Molefe goes all out in his attempt to reclaim Dorothy.

Faith and Funani reunite, but at a cost. Molefe receives the response he seeks from Dorothy, but this raises a new issue. Shoki and Nkosi make amends… Again.

Fifty Week on House of Zwide (from 28 March to 31 March)

Hosue of Zwide Teasers March 2022. Teasers not available for March 28 to March 31.

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