Katlego Moshoana full biography, e.tv Scandal and social media influencing

Katlego Moshoana is a South African actress, dancer, influencer and brand ambassador. She is best known for playing Rosinah on Scandal! E.tv. This article will explore all that is known about her.

Biography: Katlego Moshoana

Image of Katlego Moshoana known as Rosinah from Scandal
Image of Katlego Moshoana known as Rosinah from Scandal.

Full name: Katlego Moshoana
Date of birth:  Unknown
Place of birth: Johannesburg (contestable)
Education: Pro Arte Alphen Park
Alma mater: AFDA
Occupation: Actor, dancer, influencer and brand ambassador
Known for: Rosinah on e.tv Scandal!
Net worth: Unknown
Partner: Unknown
Height: 1.58m (estimate)
Nationality: South African

Early life of Katlego Moshoana

As of current. We don’t know her age yet, we don’t know for certain where she grew up. But, presumably, she grew up in Pretoria. This presumption is founded upon the fact that her high school was in Pretoria. She attended the Pro Ater Alphen Park High School which is in Pretoria. The school as the name suggests is an art school.

However, it isn’t just an art school, it’s a private school. So, you already know from that, that Moshoana came from a family that is of a reasonable financial standing. However, we don’t know if she has any siblings. We also don’t know how she grew up, who her parents are or how she was raised? But we do know she came from a family above the working class. As they could afford her private school tuition fees.

In popular culture

In popular culture. However, Moshoana is pretty popular. So, Katlego Moshoana is not just an actor. She’s also an influencer, a dancer and a Brand ambassador. Moshoana was/is one of the brand ambassadors for Epoch. She used to share advertisements from Epoch on her Facebook. Moreover, she was also included in some music videos, including one with Kea headless as a model.

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Furthermore, Moshoana is an influencer aswell. So, she shares a lot of pictures of herself. And she’s also associated with few celebrities like Rosemary Zimu. Who used to play Lilly Juice on Scandal. Moreover, she has up to 16 thousand followers on Instagram. So, she pretty popular to be honest.


Moreover, Moshoana also believes in God as well. At least we can confidently say she is spiritual and not an atheist. As she conveys Gratitude to a higher power in some of her Instagram posts.

Career of Katlego Moshoana

Image of Katlego Moshoana known as Rosinah with Andile Sithole aka Ndumiso from Scandal.
Image of Katlego Moshoana known as Rosinah with Andile Sithole aka Ndumiso from Scandal.

The first role that she auditioned for in Scandal! was the role of Hlogi, and she didn’t get. However, a year later, Katlego Moshoana was called for the role of Rosina. Which she didn’t audition for. They only used the old audition for that and just called it for the world. Methodologically, that’s unusual and unorthodox.

But that was the method that they used and she was shocked to receive a call about that. However, she was excited as she didn’t expect that, she would get the role or any role on TV. Because of her lack of experience in the acting arts. Moshoane did an interview with Sunday world. In which he revealed that this rule was her first gig in television. So, she was heavily excited about it. [ ¹]


As for height. We don’t really know how tall she actually is. However, we can only estimate that she could be around 1.58 meters, tall. Which is reasonable when you look at how she looks in comparison to her fellow actors.

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However, this estimation is not accurate. It’s just an estimate, which was used. It was was taken from a calculation based of on comparison. Juxtapositioning how she looks next to her fellow actors. Whose Heights are known.

Net worth of Katlego Moshoana

A stunning image of Katlego Moshoana. How much is her Networth.
A stunning image of Katlego Moshoana. How much is her Networth?

As for her net worth that’s another story. Since she’s a new actress. The is definitely no information on her personal life. There’s no information on the assets that she might have or abilities that she might have.

So, there is no estimate, nothing whatsoever that can hint at what net worth she might be standing at. Furthermore she’s only starting out and this is the first gig in the acting industry. So, it’s reasonable to say not enough is known about her.