Siphesihle Zondi biography, Malume Jakes on Scandal, personal life and more

Siphesihle Zondi is a South African actor, director, choreographer and educator. Best known for playing Mr. Hlatshwayo on Scandal! Whom you may also know as Malume Jakes from Scandal. In this article we will look into all the known information about Siphesihle Zondi.

Biography: Siphesihle Zondi

Image of Siphesihle Zondi known as Mr. Hlatshwayo on Scandal
Image of Siphesihle Zondi known as Mr. Hlatshwayo on Scandal

Full name: Siphesihle Zondi
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Education: Unknown
Occupation: Actor, Educator, Choreographer, Motivational speaker and preacher
Known for: Malume Jakes or Mr. Hlatshwayo on Scandal etv.
Spouse: Unknown
Height: 1.78m (est.)
Net worth: Unknown
Children: Unknown
Nationality: South African

Early life of Siphesihle Zondi

Siphesihle Zondi is a South African actor born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. However, his year of birth remains unknown for now. Moreover, not only was Zondi born in Durban, he was raised there too.

However, when it comes to the exact details of Zondi’s childhood, how he grew up and all that jazz? There’s nothing of substance on that. Including his High school and information on siblings or parents. However, in this article we will be able to share all that is currently knowable on the actor.

Education of Zondi

While we don’t know the exact schools Zondi went to after High school? We do know that Zondi is a teacher as he put it on his Instagram. He is also a choreographer, we don’t know where he got his dance skills though.

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Furthermore, it is contestable that by teaching he is referring to his preaching duties. One can most likely conclude that. But that’s not the case considering he mentioned the two separately. So, by deduction, one can say Siphesihle Zondi studied teaching. But it’s also not to be confused with factual information. It’s highly speculative and deductive.

Personal life of Siphesihle Zondi

Even though Zondi has an Instagram account. His personal life remains quite a mystery to the public. So, we don’t know if he’s married yet, or if he has children. And if so, how many? But considering the hostility of the media, he probably keeps his life private for  a reason.

However, we do know that he is a preacher however, and as thus you can expect him to be a God fearing man. In fact he often shares his pictures with scriptural annotations from the Bible.


Image of Siphesihle Zondi known as Mr. Hlatshwayo on Scandal
Image of Siphesihle Zondi known as Mr. Hlatshwayo on Scandal

While his exact height remains unknown. Estimates on his height range from 1.78-1.82m. So, one can say Siphesihle Zondi has an avarage height of 1.79m or so. Which is pretty typical for a man in South Africa. And with such a height, a lot is possible in the film industry. Especially when it comes to being type cast, having a neutral face and good height can come in handy.

Net worth

His net worth is also another such mystery we don’t know of. And since he is such a well reserved and privatized person. We literally have no way of knowing. And since this is arguably his first official biography, there are no estimates on it.

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However, there was a click baited article on his salary. But, inside the article or video. You will find nothing on his salary. That’s because no one knows his salary yet but they’re just using his name for bait.

Career of Siphesihle Zondi

His acting career is still new. So, we currently know him as Malume Jakes on Scandal etv. If that name sounds hard to relate to, you may know him as Mr. Hlatshwayo or Mbali Khubeka’s uncle. On the show he portrays the alcoholic uncle to Mbali Khubeka (Nolwazi Ngubane).

Who is married to a rich man Jojo Khubeka whom she tries to keep by manipulating him to think she is also rich. At the core of that manipulation, she hired h her uncle to pretend to be her rich father (Mr. Hlatshwayo).

Other endeavors

While you may only think of Siphesihle Zondi as an actor. He is actually more than that. Zondi is also an educator, not sure what he teaches where he teaches but he’s a teacher. Moreover, Zondi is choreographer, director and motivational speaker. So, if he’s not on screen playing the alcoholic uncle Jakes or the Rich Mr. Hlatshwayo. He is out there teaching, motivating and directing.

Social media/ Contact details

We don’t have his contact details. Neither do we have his agency’s address or contact details. So, the only way currently to try and reach out to him is through his Instagram. His handle is @zondi_siphesihle. He has about 185 followers on the platform. And, as of today that’s the only social media platform he is known to be on.

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