Highlights on Muvhango in March 2022

Highlights on Muvhango this month of March 2022. From episode 4023 to episode 4045

Muvhango in March 2022
Muvhango Teasers in March 2022

First week on Muvhango (from 1st March to 4 March 2022)

Tshireletso is thrown under the bus by Moipone. Susan enlists the assistance of a hotshot attorney. Hangwani enlists Gizara to help him deal with a naughty visitor. Susan hires a hotshot lawyer to dispute her divorce settlement, which puts an end to Azwindini’s bitter campaign. When Tshireletso realizes that his own flesh and blood has betrayed him, he is furious. Hangwani enlists Gizara’s assistance in dealing with a dreadful renter.

Tshireletso is hidden in James’ basement by Itseng. Susan’s family learns that she is fighting the divorce on the basis of fraud. Gizara is proposed to by Vho-Mukundi. Susan will be welcomed back into the Royal House by Jacky. Tshireletso wields a weapon. Tshireletso makes the decision to stop fleeing and confront Tenda once and for all. Suzan takes the wheels and give the royal family the shock of their lives. Vho-Mukundi has crossed the line and Shaz is set to put her in her place.

Second week on Muvhango (from 7 March to 11 March 2022)

Tenda is duped by Tshireletso. New occupants have moved into the royal residence. At Hangwani’s residence, Vho-Mukundi creates havoc. In the royal house, Susan and Vhutshilo are assaulted. Tshireletso has kidnapped Mpho and Kenosi. Hangwani’s plea is misunderstood by Gizara.

Tshireltso threatens Iiseng, so Iiseng attempts to persuade him to back down. When Vho-Mukundi takes advantage of everyone’s charity, Shaz is caught off guard. Azwindini has enraged Gugu by playing games with her ex. The Royal Family begins to suspect Azwindini of being behind Susan’s attacks. As Tenda’s time runs out, Tshireletso makes further demands.

Tenda’s final punishment is decided by Tshireletso. Susan and Vhutshilo devised a plan to catch their assailant. Hangwani has a plan to eliminate Vho-Mukundi. Tenda’s residence is the scene of a shooting. Vhangani is stranded in the middle of a quagmire. Vho-confession Mukundi’s irritates Shaz.

Third week on Muvhango (from 14 March to 18 March 2022)

Tshireletso is taken to the hospital in a critical condition. Is he going to be able to make it? Susan scolds Azwindini, who has been threatening her. Kgosi’s bank statement is seen by Itseng. When James and Imani receive a phone call, their lives are once again turned upside down. Susan is forced to let an unpleasant visitor into the royal residence. Vhangani has reconsidered his stance on Azwindini. Kgosi is in for a surprise from Bubbles.

Bubbles expresses her concern about Kgosi. Azwindini’s people are losing faith in him. Tenda re-enters MMC with a vengeance. Gugu is being watched by an enigmatic stranger. After being absolved of murder charges, Tendamudzimu is back in the saddle as CEO of MMC, stating that truth and honour will triumph. What are the possibilities? Susan is skeptical of Vho-presence Masindi’s at the royal house after she was attacked, but is she justified in her suspicions?

Gugu is blissfully ignorant of the arrival of a new family member. Shelearns that Nomasonto and her are sisters. Gugu chastises her. Susan should take the helm of the table because she is the host, according to Vho-Masindi. Shaz laments her financial predicament.

The fourth week of Muvhango (21 March to 25 March 2022)

Vho-Masindi is exposed by Susan. The lives of Gugu and Azwindini are about to be turned upside down. Marang discovers that Kgosi has given Bubbles additional funds. Gugu and Azwindini march to Venda, self-righteously confronting Susan. Susan has no option but to accept a large payout from the Royal Family. Kgosi has an altruistic goal of assisting everyone in resolving their financial difficulties.

Gugu gets mugged, but she is rescued by an intriguing woman. Susan’s newest action has Vhutshilo scared. Kgosi believes he lacks the necessary skills to be a mashonisa.

Susan faces an unseen monster while Azwindini receives a pleasant omen from the ancestors. Gugu is looking forward to her baby’s birthday celebrations, but danger lurks in the shadows. Kgosi has 99 financial issues, but lack of funds is not one of them. Azwindini expresses her dissatisfaction with Susan’s continued presence at the royal residence to Mulimisi. When Japan first sees Kgosi, she thinks it amusing that this tiny pip-squeak is KK’s kid. Gugu’s residence is broken into by Nomasonto. Vhutshilo, Susan believes, left the cabinets open.

Fifty Week on Muvhango (from 28 March to 31 March)

As an impostor, Nomasonto believes Gugu is living her life and sets out on a crusade to reclaim it all. Vho-Nyamananga is determined to keep her daughter safe from the Mukwevho’s. Kgosi prepares for a David-versus-Goliath confrontation. Azwindini is rescued by the Mukwevho ancestors. Gugu’s life is important to Nomasonto. Kgosi is up against an unexpected foe.

A half-naked man is seen wandering the streets of Thathe. Is Masindi or Susan the one you’re looking for? When ex-lovers reunite at Minenhle’s birthday celebration, tensions flare. Japan has threatened to deport Kgosi unless he gives him millions of dollars. Susan is accused of having an affair by Vutshilo. Tenda and James had a squabble. Vutshilo has figured out who the witch of Thathe is. Kgosi takes a stand against Japan.

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