Hungani Ndlovu quits, aka Romeo left Scandal

Romeo Medupe, Hungani Ndlovu

Hungani Ndlovu who portrays the character of Romeo Medupe on Scandal has finally resigns from scandal. There have been rumors spreading all over the internet for the past two months about Hungani leaving etv drama series scandal. Of which these rumors were confirmed by scandal producers as false, but it looks like the rumors had some truth since it has been finally said that the actor has left the show.

The sad development was published this morning by Polokwane news 24, a Non-profit news organization. According to Polokwane news 24, Hungani Ndlovu has already resigned from Etv popular soapie Scandal. And this News has been confirmed by marketing manager Makatseng Mokomoe.

There is no possibility that Romeo would return on Scandal in the near future and Scandal will not bring anyone to replace Hungani Ndlovu and play as Romeo Medupe.

Sources who spoke to Sunday World said Hungani Ndlovu was not pleased with the way Scandal treated him. He felt he deserves better and more. This sounds like he wanted pay increase or some sort of respect unmentioned. The actor told those close to him that he felt unappreciated despite playing the popular character Romeo, which was bringing in all the numbers on the show.

Some other sources said Hungani resigned because some people were against him, so to avoid drama he had to quit. The source tried to reach Hungani to check if this all is true but their efforts were unfruitful.

All this sad news is making sense since on the show Romeo is missing and everybody is wondering about his whereabouts. For the mere fact that he is missing on the show, others thinking he was kidnapped or probably murdered by villainous Mr Mamba is a perfect confirmation of his resignation.

In August the Scandal’s most lovable actor was reported to be fired from Scandal. Which Etv denied saying those were false rumors, Hungani was not fired nor did he quit. It looks like things were not always easy and smooth for Mr Ndlovu on Scandal. Sometime back, he had some misunderstanding with former colleague Masasa Mbangeni who portrayed Thembeka on the Show. Mbangeni recently left Scandal after being shoot by villainous Character Mthunzi Mayiza.


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