Here is the true face of Mamba from Scandal

Mamba from scandal
Mamba from scandal

Recently scandal has been so interesting to watch with new characters been introduced to the drama. The new characters which includes Simo (real name Sandile Mahlangu), Violetta (real name Cindy Mahlangu) and Violetta’s husband Mamba. So, recently most people have been so curious to unveil who Mamba is, at least to see his face but the producers wouldn’t allow that.

Now we have went a little further to figure out who Mamba was at least his real name and face. Firstly, on the drama of Scandal, Mamba is Violetta’s husband, the boss to Simo, the half-brother of Romeo Medupe.  So, the picture below shows us who is Mamba and his real name. Mamba’s real name is Simo Magwaza.

Simo Magwaza

Now Simo Magwaza (52) who has been in the acting business for more than 20 years has promised to bring the best out of his exciting character on the drama. His role on Scandal is of a powerful business man, Mamba, who don’t take nonsense from his employees. Of which Simo, his accountant had misused R5 Million of his business, which was going to cross him if he had found out. But Mamba did not that out since Simo manipulated his sugar Mommy, Grace to pay that money back for him from her business.

The is more excitement to the drama since Romeo is not happy with his mother dating his doggy half-brother. This half-brother who happened to be engaged to Romeo’s mother. And on the other hand, Simo is dating Violetta, Mamba’s wife and he is lying to people around him that he and Violetta are just siblings. 

The interesting part is, if Romeo finds out that Violetta and Simo are dating then its over for Simo. His fake love life will be over and Romeo will tell Mamba and if Mamba takes it seriously then Simo will be dead for sure. So, its quiet an interesting moment on Scandal right now.