Highlights on Generations SABC1 March 2022

Highlights on Generations SABC1 this month of March 2022. From episode 1892 to episode 1914.

First week on Generations SABC1 (from 1st March to 4 March 2022)

Sphe realises the truth can be hard to hear, especially if you’re the one who insisted on hearing it. Tracy thinks she has found her calling in life. The forensics guys make a gruesome discovery in the open veld. Once again it’s Luyolo who comes through for his ex when no one else will. Lucy is not very sympathetic when Mbali dreads going to school. An interaction with Winston leaves Mia seriously rattled.

Mazwi receives disturbing news and decides on a rash course of action. A teenager learns the hard way that popular people aren’t necessarily nice people. A girl leaves her workplace in tears, unaware someone is watching her. Tracy sneaks into work early to upload her story and is caught in the act. Mpho is too obsessed with the serial killer to worry about his missing friend. The rich girl from the suburbs is fascinated by kasi life.

Second week on Generations (from 7 March to 11 March 2022)

Sphe catches her lover off guard, but he doesn’t appear pleased to see her. Lelethu is summoned to a conference and is enraged by what he hears. An abandoned automobile is the subject of an investigation by the police.

Gugu is irritated by Mbali’s attraction to an attractive classmate. Is Pele close to solving the serial killer case? Is Mazwi attempting to conceal his jealousy? Both the employer and the employee are caught off guard by an unanticipated spark. The killer is having trouble balancing his priorities… Is there more to Pamela’s refusal to work with Lelethu than meets the eye?

Winston is displeased with having to give up one of his “trophies.” Cosmo is easily swayed by a cunning, motivated adolescent. Sphe receives a distressing phone call and flees in a panic. Tracy’s missing friend’s flier leads to a shocking revelation. Mbali realises she didn’t conceal the evidence properly. Ayanda tells Nontle about her plan to start a podcast.

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Third week on Generations (from 14 March to 18 March 2022)

The serial killer is on the prowl for his next victim… Miss Taylor’s phone call sends the girls into a frenzy. Nkosiyabo gives a subtle yet ominous warning. Fikile is troubled by Mazwi’s continued affection for his ex-girlfriend. Cosmo is cool, but he isn’t going to be anyone’s fool.

Sphe’s obstinacy ends up costing her a lot of money. Nontle is presented with not one, but two unexpected opportunities. Mia pays the ultimate sacrifice for the misdeeds of a fellow prisoner. Gugu is put in her place by Mbali. Mpho is ecstatic to learn about his new task.

Pamela feels betrayed by Lelethu’s refusal to help her. Ayanda experiences an unusual and disturbing dream. Mazwi briefs Mrekza, unaware that their chat is being recorded. The girls quickly realise that drinking is lot more enjoyable than studying. Nkosiyabo isn’t about to be dictated to by one of his staff.

The fourth week of Generations SABC1 (21 March to 25 March 2022.

Sphe is terrified to learn what her kidnapper has planned for her. When Mo asks Mbali out, her mood immediately improves. Nontle discloses why she took the position in the first place. The Diales have devised a strategy to outsmart Winston, but time is against them. Lucy is enraged when she hears Miss Taylor’s phone call.

Pamela walks into a heated debate and is left perplexed. At the dam, the cops uncover a shocking find. After her friend calls her out, Ayanda becomes very defensive. In Nkosiyabo’s drawer, Nontle discovers something intriguing. Fikile receives a text message and exits the workplace swiftly.

Mbali’s day of fun turns into a nightmare. Mrekza will not allow his wife to prevent him from assisting a buddy. Pele doesn’t put too much stock in his wife’s ‘innocent’ interrogation. Mpho is watching the press conference and is convinced that something isn’t quite right. When the youngest Diale breaks down, the rest of the family is taken aback.

Fifty Week on The Estate (from 28 March to 31 March)

Panicked Nontle has an issue and is stumped as to how to fix it. Gugu retaliates against her ex-friend for rejecting her. When a past patient stumbles in with another stab wound, Luyolo is taken aback. Nkosiyabo is unaware that his ostensibly helpful aide has hidden agendas. Cosmo realises he needs help while attempting to help a loved one.

At the morgue, the men find a nasty but useful lead. Is Winston going to be able to make yet another person vanish? When his classmate needs him the most, Mo comes through. When a heated confrontation with her boss takes an unexpected turn, Ayanda is taken aback… Pele’s genuine worry sets off all of the wrong alarm bells. When the cops arrive, Mbali has a traumatic reaction. Sphe receives one final call to tell her goodbyes…