Boity body weight saga

Boitumelo Thulo photos gets people talking on Twitter about her cellulites after someone tweets that “Boity is thick”.

Boitumelo Thulo who is known as Boity on social platforms is Television personality, Model, Rapper and Businesswoman.She is known by being the young woman who is very successful and rich as well,a very generous and humble person most people describe.

Boity last year shared her goals about loosing weight,she shared that she wanted to loose 8Kilo.In her goals it seems she managed to loose 7kilo which was a good thing.She also shared about the exercises she was doing in some of her Instagram photos.Everythings was going well for Boity in her exercises to loose weight.

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Recently someone on Twitter shared Boity’s photos with the caption “Boity is thick”.In the photos it shows that Boity has cellulite, which is one reason people on Twitter believes that Boity has gained weight.After all, the caption used by one tweeps suggested that “Boity is thick”, which means he tried to say she is fat but it was said in a polite way. 1

Let’s hear what people retweeted about Boity being said she is thick.

“Basically Boity is bein’ bullied for lookin’ like most women. Weird!!!” The phonix

Marcus Jr.

Most people on Twitter tweeted their opinion about the shared pics, some of them think that Boity edited most of her pictures especially on Instagram because all them are perfect. Some people were surprised to see those pictures which shows her with cellulite and some really understood her. Other women were really supportive about Boity having cellulite while others thinks otherwise by judging her.

“It’s like they don’t know what photoshop and filters are. She even has stretch marks on her tummy. She’s a NORMAL woman. Skin has texture guys. Then they expect women in their lives to look ‘perfect'” Tattooed Attorney