Anele Tembe: her father does not believe that she committed suicide.

AKA and Anele Tembe
AKA and Anele Tembe

Anele’s father does not believe that her daughter committed suicide.

The father of Anele Tembe, Moses wrote a letter which was read at the funeral of his daughter. This letter was read by Sandile Zungu as a farewell to his daughter. The letter reads as follows.

“I love all my children; they make my life complete. Anele made me happy as a father. Very happy, ” the heartfelt letter reads.

“Her wish was to fall in love and get married to a man that would be the father of her children, ” he said.

“She fell in love with Kiernan, and lobola negotiations were had between the Tembes and Forbes’ just a few weeks ago,” this he referred to the upcoming marriege of his daughter to AKA.

“I have always been happy with my daughter, and even when she intoduced us to Kiernan, I was very happy for her. I approved of their choices, and I made a very explicit suggestion as a condition to my approval that Anele and Kiernan needed to subject themselves to proper pre-marital counselling.” the latter added.

Sandile continued reading the latter, explaining that the young couple were supposed to attend counselling on the weekend of the incident. He was supposed to assist them about it.

Pertaining speculations associated with Moses’ daughter Anele Tembe, he said; “…Anele, my daughter was chronically suicidal person or had suicidal tendencies. All I can say is that was until she turned 21, Anele wouldn’t consider taking her own life as a solution. Not a single member of my family, would have ever associated Anele with Suicide. Anele love herself so much. She wanted to live more rather than less.”

“As Anelle’s father, I hereby state categorically, Anele was neither suicidal nor did she commit suicide,” Moses, Anele’s father responded to rumours that his daughter committed suicide.

Her father continued also by showing that somehow Anele might have been associated with substance abuse.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we need to understand the forces that put us in a situation that we find ourselves. Of course, we must as a matter of extreme priority, deal with the scourge that bedevils our youth.”

“Alcohol which is overused, and drugs, especially if we envision our youth contributing meaningfully to our nation-building and economic development efforts. Fellow South Africans, we had a better wake up and smell the coffee. We have a serious problem with substance abuse and  add to that other social ills, and we are in a crisis,” he said.

His letter ended by encouraging Kiernan Forbes, AKA, saying he understands what he is going through, even though there are many remedies he should turn to the Lord.

“My son, I invite you to turn to the Lord. And in so doing, you will be assured of becoiming a much better man.” said Moses.[1]

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