7 Skeem Saam actors who died in the past few years

More than 5 Skeem Saam actors have died in the past few years and, most fans don’t even know about it. While most people think these actors left the show on their own, it turns out some of them actually died in real life. So, stay tuned for Skeem Saam actors you didn’t know died in real life in the the past few years.

Nokuzola Mlengana

Skeem Saam actors who died few years ago
Image of Nokuzola Mlengana

Unlike most celebrities. Nokuzola never had a background in acting or celebrity status at all. In fact, she started acting in 2014, at the literal age of 51. She was most famous for her role of Sis Ouma on Skeem Saam, a role of which she gained massive popularity over. However, her hike to stardom was cut short. In 2021, Mlengana died of Pneumonia in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg. She was survived by two children, her daughter and son. Even though she didn’t have decades of screen time, she will never be forgotten for the smiles and entertainments she brought to the screens of the Skeem Saam lovers. [1]

Thema Mokoena

Who can forget the great Ramolao from Skeem, the actor had a wonderful personality inspite of the roles he had to play. He played the character of Ramolao on Skeem Saam, a role he will always be immortalized for. Mokoena had been acting for over 20 years. Prior to his last acting stint on Skeem Saam, he had supporting roles in Khululeka, Generations, Isibaya, Scandal!, Isithunzi and Isikizi. In 2019, at the age of 51, the actor died at the Steve Biko Hospital after losing the battle to a heart condition he had been struggling with for years. He is survived by his wife Lindiwe, who shared deep sadness and sorrow at the news saying that the actor was simply unforgettable and that her life would never be the same without him.

Charles Maja

Skeem Saam actors who died few years ago
Image of Charles Maja

If you are a Skeem Saam die hard fan, you know who Charles Maja is. The actor was known for his role as Big Boy on Skeem Saam. A role he had gained quite some claim for over time. The actor had no formal training in acting, however, he later went to study a bit of drama.

He had a sudden stroke on April 9, 2020, in Limpopo, South Africa, and passed away at the age of 54. Following the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, his family and the Limpopo Artist Movement (LAM) held a memorial service. The funeral service was held at his native Limpopo community of Ga-Maja. Nevertheless, his family was penalized R5,000 for breaking lockdown laws at the funeral. [2]

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Karabo Mokhubela

Karabo Mokhubela was radio presenter and actor best known for playing the role of Jazzy T on SABC1 sopie drama Skeem Saam since 2011. He was a music producer on the popular educational show and he was also Bontle’s, played by Keamogetswe Leburu, onscreen boyfriend. He died of an unknown cause on the 26th of July 2020. Some speculated that it was covid 19, but the cause was not revealed. A lot of fans were heartbroken by these news and continue to remember him in their hearts. His character was replaced by Mpho Molepo who used to play Fats in Rhythm City.

Mahuma Paul Rapetsoa

Skeem Saam actors who died few years ago
Image of Paul Mahuma

Mahuma was a legend in the film and television industry. On Skeem Saam he was known for playing the role of Josias. The whole nation was shocked by the news of his passing. Mahuma was a crucial part of training upcoming and Aspiring actors. In fact, he was in part Charles Maja’s biggest mentor and when Charles died, he was very saddened by the loss. Not knowing that only a few months later he would follow. While Maja whom he mentored died in April, 2020, Rapetsoa died in September 2020.

Grant Shakoane

Skeem Saam actors who died few years ago
Image of Grant Shakoane

While Grant Shakoane can’t be regarded as part of the Daily family of Skeem Saam. He did have a visiting role as Maphuthuma on Skeem Saam. The actor was however known as a broadcaster, arguably one of the best broadcasters ever in South Africa. Grant is accredited for popularizing the idea of Soul Sunday in South Africa. When he was a DJ and radio broadcaster at Metro FM in the 80s, he created an every Sunday slot of soul music, of which is still intact to this day. Popularizing Sunday as the day for soul music in South Africa. The cause of his death is unknown, however, his wife had revealed to his close friend Tim modise that Grant was fighting for his life in hospital. Of which days later, his passing was announced. [3]

Letlalo Mankabidi

Skeem Saam actors who died few years ago
Image letlalo Mankabadi

Letlalo Mankabadi, a Skeemsaam actor, played the role of John Maputla’s uncle when John discovered that Zamokuhle Seakamela was his son. As a teacher, he was accountable for ensuring that students passed their exams and advanced in their education in addition to keeping viewers amused.Mankabidi was a voice actor on Thobela FM in addition to being an actress on Skeemsaam.

He passed away last week at the age of 67, and Skeemsaam posted a notice of his passing online. His family broke the taboo and talked about his passing and what caused it. But not all information about his passing was made public, including the illness he had, which ultimately caused his death.



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