5 etv Scandal actors who died (Rumors and Truth)

5 etv Scandal actors who died (Rumors and Truth)

A lot of celebrities die on our screens. But did you know that some of the actors die in real life aswell. And these are Scandal actors who died in real or were reported dead at some point.

1. Sandy Mokoena

Scandal actors who died recently
Image of Sandy Mokwena

Sandy Mokwena was a South African actor. He is best known for his roles in the popular serials Funeral for an Assassin, Tödliche Geschäfte and Scandal! Where he played the role of Bra Eddie. In 2005, he was selected for the role ‘Bra Eddie Khumalo’ in the television soap opera Scandal!. The show became highly popular where Sandy continued to play the role until his death in 2018. A memorial service was held at the Scandal! studios on a Wednesday in honour of the 17 years he spent at the serial. [1]

2. Busi Lurayi

5 etv Scandal actors who died (Rumors and Truth)
Image of Busi Lurayi

While Busi wasn’t much of a veteran on Scandal. She was one of the most treasured actors for her role in How to ruin Christmas and others. On Scandal she played the role of a sugar momma to CJ. However, before she could deeply take on the role. Her life was cut short as she wasn’t feeling well and had taken days off from work.

And when someone went to check on her. They found her dead. And the news was very hard on her fans and since she had not finished filming her scenes. They hired her friend Thuli Thabethe to replace her. Unlike sandy, her death wasn’t broadcasted on the show as her character couldn’t go down that road. But, she will be solely missed. [2]

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3. Nunu Khumalo

Now, it’s not everytime a news article is true and so was the case with Nunu Khumalo. When the actress lost someone close to her, some poor journalism was done and boom. Nunu Khumalo was dead. And so the rumor began spreading and people were already sending condolences to the actress. However, after some fact checking it turned out that it was someone close to her who had died. The actress did not even respond to the claims.

4. Ayanda Daweti

Ayanda Daweti is a South African actor famous for his numerous roles. However, he has appeared on Scandal as Chumani, a role he held for quite a while and was famous for. Now, It’s quite obvious that Ayanda Daweti is not dead. But, he was also rumored to be dead by some very cool journalists.

Well, bloggers, basically anyone with a website. The news were circulating and through circular sourcing making it seem like the actor had died. However, as you may have seen. Ayanda is still alive and well. But, where did they get that rumor cuz rumors don’t form from nowhere. Well, like Nunu Khumalo. It turns out that Ayanda had just lost his mother.

5. Jerry Mofokeng

5 etv Scandal actors who died (Rumors and Truth)
Image of Jerry Mofokeng

Jerry Mofokeng is a South African veteran actor who is best known for playing Bra Néo or Néo Mokhethi on Scandal etv. The actor is actually a doctor in real life. But not a medical doctor per se. And has been an activist for both mental health and awareness to men about issues such as prostate cancer and other struggles men face in general.

While Jerry Mofokeng is exactly dead. The actor has been suffering from prostate cancer and has recently revealed that he was going through treatment. We do hope he wins the battle as prostate cancer can be in good cases survived when detected early. Obviously these news were blown out of proportion by the tabloids and it was made as if he was dying. Which he is but not in that sense. Jerry is still alive and we hope to see him again on Scandal.