10 Celebs who look too young than they are, some like teenagers

Looks can be deceiving in that someone will look innocent while they are not but in this case it’s the deceptive aging of celebrities who look way too younger than themselves. Some looks like teenagers or as if they’re in their 20s while they are way older. So, we are going to look at

10 Celebs who look too young than they are and some like teenagers. But before we proceed we ask you to subscribe and hit the notification bell.

Number 1. Mapula Mafole

Actors younger than they are
Image of actress Mapula Mafole

Mapula Mofole, a well known Rhythm City actress is one of those actors who serves baby face looks very well. The actress was born on 18 July 1990 this means she is 32 years old, but if you look at her she looks like she is 15 or 16 years old . This means she looks half her age. [1]

Number 2. Themba Ntuli

Actors younger than they are
Image of Themba Ntuli

The second actor who looks too young than himself is Themba Ntuli. He is short in height and has got a baby face as well. The star looks a 10 year old and this has been an advantage in his career as actor because he would frequently get child roles in television serials including in former etv drama Rhythm City.

Number 3. Arthur Mafokate

Actors younger than they are
Image of Arthur Mafokate

Kwaito Musician and producer best known for his hit track Amagents ayaphanda looks very young as well. Mafokate looks 35 years old but he was born in 1972, meaning his true age is 51 years old. We don’t know what is his secret to his baby face looks  but maybe the secret is that there is no secret.

Number 4. Connie Ferguson

Actors younger than they are
Image of Cornnie Ferguson

Another big celebrity who has maintained her looks is Connie Ferguson the wife to the late icon actor Shona Ferguson. The star looks 40 years but in reality she is 51 years old. We suppose her secret to remain young is exercising. Connie and her husband (before he passes away) they used to spent their lovely life in the gym. Even after the death of her husband, Connie still spends time stretching her muscles in the gym.

Number 5. Ditebogo Ledwaba

Actors younger than they are
Image of beautiful actress Ditebogo Ledwaba

Ditebogo is a South African actress known for playing a teen role in Generations the legacy as Mbali and as a singer. The actress looks like a 10 years old that is why she portrays a teenager in Generations but in reality she is 23 years old according to several sources as they claim that she was born in 2000. [2]

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Number 6. Sindi Dlathu

Actors younger than they are
Image of Sindi Dlathu

Sindiswa Dlathu is our sixth actress or celebrity who has remained younger than herself.  The actress was born on 4th January 1974 therefore she is 49 years old but if you look at her you will see that she looks 30 or 35 years old. Sindi is well known for portraying Thandaza Mokoena on Muvhango, a role she played from the show’s inception in 1997 until her departure in 2018.

Number 7. Nomvelo Makhanya

Actors younger than they are
Image of Nomvelo Makhanya

Nomvelo Makhanya who best known for playing Lindiwe Ngema in etv drama series and soapie Scandal. The star looks 16 years old but her real age is 27 since she was born in 1996. She is no longer in Scandal anymore since she exited the drama 2022 after failing to come to terms with the producers. [3]

Number 8. Alfred Ntombela

Actors younger than they are
Image of comedian Alfred Ntombela

Born in 1972 is Alfred Ntombela, a South African actor best known for acting alongside Leon Schuster in his films, his fast-paced Joker-like laugh and for his small stature as an adult. Though he is 50 years old and turning 51 on April third, Ntombela looks 20 years old this is because of his small stature and baby face.

Number 9. Thembi Seete

Actors younger than they are
Image of Thembi Seete

Thembi Seete, a South African actress, singer, rapper, television presenter and model was born on 25 March 1977 this means she is 45 years old. Despite being more than 4 decades older the actress looks 25 or 26 years old. We do not know her secret lifestyle and diet to young life but it’s a sure thing she has one.

Number 10.  Thembisa Mdoda Nxumalo

Actors younger than they are
Image of Thembisa Mdoda Nxumalo

Thembisa Mdoda Nxumalo a South African television personality and actress known for The Road was born on November 16, 1982. Therefore the actress is 40 years old but she really looks 30 years old.