Tokyo S3xwale: Ramaphosa refused to increase social relief covid grants to R3050

Tokyo S.e.xwale and Cyril Ramaphosa
Tokyo S3xwale and Cyril Ramaphosa

Money meant for the poor disappeared, it has been stolen by certain government individuals- Tokyo S3xwale

Tokyo S3xwale who is responsible for raising billions of rands for the poor with what he calls a very powerful family, has spoken out about social relief grants. The ANC veteran and apartheid activist said money from the Heritage funds has been stolen.

Tokyo S3xwale & one other person are in charge of a Heritage Fund donated by a very powerful family. This fund can help students get free education, can help the ailing SOE’s & even increase the R350 Covid grant to over R2700 but some of the money has been stolen.

S3xwale said the money was supposed to help the poor in various departments. This includes providing free education and increasing social relief grants. But the apartheid activist has came out about why all these things are not happening. He said that these funds has been stolen and the current president, Cyril Ramaphosa and his predecessor are cognizant of the whereabouts of these funds.

According to Tokyo S3xwale he managed to source funds from Donors abroad & they wanted to pay each person R2700 on top of R350 to a total of R3050 each. But Cyril Ramaphosa refused.

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He unveiled these things speaking to JJ Thabane on Power Truth

I am part of two people who are in charge of the Heritage Fund that belongs to a very powerful family out there in the world. This fund is here in South Africa already, it comes through the SA Reserve Bank,” S3xwale said. “I’m part of two people who are mandate holders

“The fund is able to help the students, for free education in this country. [Jacob] Zuma knew about the fund in 2016. Cyril [Ramaphosa] knew about the fund at that time that’s why comrade Zuma spoke about free education, not government money.”

“in the process of making sure this money is brought into the economy, we found some resistance. And when we checked the resistance, we found some of this money has been stolen.” He added.

S3xwale continued by saying the theft is still under investigation.