Mapula to do deep house music and Youtube for a living

Mapula Mofole will be doing house music
Mapula Mofole will be doing house music

Mapula to produce deep house music and publish it on YouTube for a living.

It looks like the light is shinning in the darkness for Mapula who recently went public about how stranded she will be when Rhythm City comes to end. The 30-year-old Mapula seems to have an idea about how she can continue to make a living even after her acting career goes on break. She seems like she wants to do music and share it on YouTube.

The Rhythm City star tweeted recently inquiring her followers if there are still people who still listens to deep/soulful house music.

“Do you guys still listen to deep/soulful house?? Would you listen to my mixes if I posted them on YouTube?” She tweeted.

Her tweet got some positive response. Most people showed that they will support her if she goes for music and some gave her advice about where to upload her music to get audience.

This is seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for Mapula because recently she showed how she was praying to have an opportunity when Rhythm City shutdowns.

“Waking for work… can’t believe RC days are coming to an end soon. It’s really been a journey of growth. I’ll always be grateful. Now I pray God opens new doors for me… so many great shows on SA tv I’ve been watching. So much talent!! I pray there’s a place for me,” she tweeted showing her frustration about the end of Rhythm City.

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Mapula has also shown her followers that trusting in God is the key for hope and success.

“Have you ever strayed from your lane? No? Must be nice!! I have. Life can be so frustrating but I think I’m learning to make the most of it. Life can also be a very beautiful journey. Personally I think the key is to keep God first. Always. Anyway Happy Monday,”

“She who kneels before God can stand before anyone” she said.

The uprising star also taught his followers that sometimes dont just pray, but “faith without deeds is dead.” She showed that actions is required even though you believe in God.

“When you pray for open doors and none of them open… start praying for bricks. It’s time to start building, “she said.