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Born in June 1994, Tina Redman is a South African actress, presenter, and model. Her co-hosting role on the educational web series We are Queer My Dear is shared by Shenay O’Brien, Jacob Smith Venter, and Jodi Deerling.

Biography profile of Tina Redman

Tina Redman biography
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Full name : Tina Redman

Gender : Female

Age : 30 years old as of 2024

Date of birth : June 1994

Place of birth : Harry Gwala District, Kokstad,Kwazulu Natal Province

Nationality : South African

Occupation : actress, presenter, and Model

Instagram : unknown

Facebook : Tina Redman

Early Life

In Kokstad, in the Harry Gwala District Municipality of KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa, Tina Redman was born in June ne 1994. The beatboxer became interested in animation, voiceovers, and the artistic freedom of storytelling. Tina began participating in Speech and Drama at the age of seven and began winning competitions when she was eight. [1]

Tina began imitating cartoon characters she saw on television, spending hours perfecting her voice. She would keep working on it until she could match the beats she heard in the song. She eventually became proficient at mimicking the sounds of drums and snares. Beatboxing began as a hobby for her and her peers, but she soon began competing.


Tina Redman matriculated from Durban Girls High School in 2012. She obtained a BA in Drama and Film Studies at the University of Pretoria in 2015. Redman qualified as a digital content creator at Live magazine and completed their full internship.

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Career of Tina Redman

Redman entered many talent shows to find new ways to explore beatboxing. She won SABC 1’s Battle Station Award as the first female beatboxer to enter the show. She received the title of Master. Tina also had the opportunity to open for brands. She has worked with celebrated artists like Ricky Rick, Nadia Nakai, Miss Cosmo, Rouge, and Kwesta. She became the only known female beatboxer from South Africa. [2]

Ford Figo collaborated with a professional beatboxer to create an advertisement for their model. She also contributed to the elevator ad for Cadbury Bubbly I’m . The beatboxer worked with Ford Figo on their advertisement for their model. She has also collaborated with Cadbury Bubbly Chocolate on elevator advertisements.

Sade, a former YO-TV presenter, was the inspiration for the SABC 1 Reno Race presenter. Tiname  was intrigued by her presence as a genuine queer person of color on Sounds the African television in Time  2000s. The most exciting part of her career was landing her dream job on Nationality on. She was getting ready to film season 3 of Reno Rand ce in 2018.

Personal life

Tina Redman biography
Image of Tina

Tina is popular known as a lesbian in South Africa. It is unknown how it started and when it started for a to develop such feelings. She is now popular known as a lesbian and she is proud to be like that. It is unknown who is she dating as of 2024. We will do more research about her private life and give you full information. It is also unknown if she have children or not . [3]

Social m edia

Tina is on the following  social media platforms like facebook. On Facebook she uses Tina Redman she has 7.6K followers and  7K likes. She posts her work pictures, acting as well as modeling . On Instagram her account is not known at the moment also not known own on twitter. we hope to update you with the information as soon as it be available.