Who exactly is Thomas Chauke AkA Shinyoro biography

Dr Thomas Chauke, a Xitsonga musician from South Africa, was born on February 5, 1952. Chauke was awarded an honorary doctorate in African languages for his contributions to the development of the Xitsonga language through music.

Biography Profile of Thomas Chauke

Thomas Chauke biography
Image of Thomas

Full name : Thomas Hashani Chsuke

Gender  : Male

Age : 72 years old

Date of birth  : 5

Nationality : South African

Place  of birth  : Saselemane, Limpopo Province

Occupation  : musician, singer, Composer

and record producer

Instagram : @drchaukeshow

Facebookc : Dr Thomas Chauke

Early  Life and education

Chauke was born in Salema (Saselamani) Village of Limpopo Province, South Africa. In 1969, he dropped out of primary school at Standard 3, Grade 5, to work at a flower shop in Heidelberg, Gauteng. He then relocated to Alexandra in 1971, where he repaired swimming pools and tennis courts in neighboring Sandton. While there, he met his uncle, who loved mbaqanga music and played the Tsonga guitar, which he taught Chauke. Chauke returned home in 1978 to repair radio sets. [1]

Personal life

The Xitsonga musician married five women and has 23 children and twelve grandchildren. However, he now lives with four of them. According to other reports, he has four wives, twenty children, and 21 grandchildren. Joyce, Lucia, Ethel, and Eve are the wives’ names. He and his first wife Joyce walk down the aisle in 1975. When he met her, she had no idea how to sing, so he taught her to join the group.

Six years later, he met his second wife, Lucia, in a nearby village. He spoke with Joyce about his decision to take a second wife. Though she was uncomfortable at first, things eventually became normal. He did something similar prior to marrying Ethel and Eve. Furthermore, the fifth woman he married ended the marriage to pursue a solo musical career. [2]

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Career  of Thomas Chauke

Thomas Chauke biography
Image of Xitsonga musician Chauke

Chauke formed his band with 13 singers from a shebeen in the late 1970s. After several months, only five remained. They performed in school halls to raise funds to travel to Johannesburg and fulfill their recording dream. Chauke signed a recording contract with GRC. The music was branded Nyoresh by GRC. He changed his music brand from Nyoresh to Shimatsatsa (“a beautiful girl”) after signing with Wea Records and receiving a better deal. In 1981, he released his first album, Shimatsatsa no. 1, under the moniker Thomas Chauke and the Shinyori Sisters. He now presents awards annually in the category of Dr. Thomas Chauke’s Artist of the Year for Munghana Lonene Fm. Chauke has receiveducation  one diamond disc, one double gold disc, six platinum discs, eleven double platinum discs, and nine triple platinum discs throughout his career. [3]

Social media

Chauke is on the follwing media platforms, Instagram, facebook and twitter I guess. There are many pages on his on facebook. His first page is Dr Thomas Chauke with 90K followers  and  another one is Dr Thomas Chauke Fans with 85K followers and following 20. Thomass is on Instagram ram @drchaukeshow, he has  86 posts and  1.8K followers and following 288.