Who exactly was Terry Gee, real name, age, career and cause of death

Terry Gee Born 17 March 1987 in Zimbabwe, he was multi-talented singer and actor known for his song featuring Chipo Muchegwa Ndezvemoyo. Terry died on the 14 December 2023.

Biography profile of Terry Gee

Terry Gee Biography
Image of Terry

Full name : Tichaona Terrence Green
Gender : Male
Age : 36 years old
Date of birth : 17 March 1987
Place of birth : Kuwadzana, Harare, Zimbabwe
Nationality : Zimbabwean
Date of death : 14 December 1987

Early life

Terry was born on the 17 March 1987 in Kuwadzana, Harare in Zimbabwe. Tichaona Terrence Green spent his entire life in a wheelchair due to his cerebral palsy, which was identified at birth. Terry Gee persevered in pursuing his goals and refused to allow his impairment limit him in spite of this handicap.

Terry Gee, who grew up in a Christian home, found consolation and comfort in gospel music. He felt God’s voice whispering to him during a prayer session that his name was “born to worship,” and that was when he realised he was called to use music to proclaim the gospel. After that, he developed an intense love for gospel music, and at the age of eight, he began performing in churches. [1]

Education of Terry Gee

Terry Gee’s disabilities caused him problems in his early schooling. Due to the particular kind of impairment he had, Danhiko Secondary School rejected him for entrance in 2002. But he was still a talented musician, and he kept becoming better at what he did.

Music Career and Partnership of Terry Gee

Terry Gee Biography
Image of Terry and Chipo

Terry Gee showed early signs of skill in both acting and music. He starred as one of the key roles in the critically acclaimed drama series “Zviri Mudzimba” in 2003. Terry Gee was faced with visions in which he was momentarily able-bodied, but he never wavered in his dedication to his art or his pursuit of skill improvement. [2]

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Dispatch, a Congolese singer, and Tichaona Terrence Green worked together on the song Jehova. He first worked with Chipo Muchegwa on Ndezvemoyo in 2022, and their second project together was Makanaka. Terry Gee joined the group “Young Voices” in 2010, where he was given the opportunity to freely share his musical abilities. The group gave young people with disabilities a place to socialise, exchange ideas, and encourage one another. Terry Gee seized the chance to pick up tips from other musicians going through comparable experiences.

Terry Gee began to receive invites to perform at different events as his musical abilities gained more and more attention. Notably, he gave performances at the Bulawayo Arts Awards and the disability cocktail party in Harare. He had a great positive influence on the music scene in Zimbabwe, and his persistence and commitment to his work were valued.

Terry Gee’s cause of death

Terry Gee passed away on December 14, 2023, tragically. He had struggled with lung and heart conditions in addition to cerebral palsy, which finally caused a cardiac arrest that killed him while he was being treated at Arundel Hospital. It was Edison December, his manager, who confirmed his death.

Because of his cerebral palsy, Terry Gee had to deal with serious health issues all of his life and was confined to a wheelchair. He continued to follow his passion for performing and singing despite his illness, serving as a symbol of fortitude and tenacity. According to reports, fans and other people including celebrities made efforts to gather money for Terry Gee’s medical expenses before he passed away. $250 was raised for a brain scan through a crowdfunding campaign, demonstrating the tremendous love and support from both his fan base and the general public. Many people were aware of his health issues since his mother, Violet Green, shared the seriousness of his illness and invited well-wishers to visit him while he was in the hospital. She also made a sincere request for prayers through media channels. [3]

Terry Gee’s departure is a great loss to the acting and music communities in Zimbabwe. His amazing impact on the industry serves as a monument to his indomitable spirit in the face of adversity, and his legacy endures today.

Social media

Terry Gee appeared on most social media platforms including, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. There many music videos of him singing and acting on YouTube. Terry Gee was on Facebook as Terry Gee music Platform. He had 45K likes and 83 K followers. On Instagram is @terry_gee official with 81 posts. He had 1695 followers and was following 918.

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